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5 Best Credit Card for College Students in India

If you are a student and looking for the best credit card for college students. Then there are some rules for students to apply for a credit card in India.

You might be thinking that student credit cards are only for students who earn a good amount of money. Or you might be wondering that student credit cards are only for the rich candidates but this isn’t true. This article prepared by the experts at the CROX Times provides a list of 5 best credit cards for students that they can get quite comfortably.

Which are the Best Credit Card for College Students in India?

Are you a college-going student? You must be having some financial requirements. Have you ever thought of getting a credit card? The financial needs wouldn’t match those of some of the working professionals. Let us tell you that the features of a student credit card would be far more different than the normal ones. However, the card has its own perks. Well, there is not much documentation required or you are not required to show a salary slip or ITR. Not only this, you would enjoy low-interest rates, zero annual fees, and also earn reward points. Even if you don’t have a good credit history then also you would be able to get a student credit card in India. There are so many banks that offer credit cards for students. But with so many options in the market, you must be wondering which you must choose among them. But don’t worry our student’s CROX times are putting an end to your query.

1. SBI Student Plus Advantage Card

SBI Student Plus Advantage Card
SBI Student Plus Advantage Card

This is one of the best credit cards for students in India and it has been designed solely for customers who have a state bank of India credit card in their wallet. To avail of this credit card, you need to have FD in any branch of SBI. The credit offers you many privileges like no annual fee which is bound to you. No annual fee would be charged if you make total purchases of more than 35000 in the last year. You will not earn reward points for every purchase of INR 100 but you can use the same reward points to pay all your outstanding balance as well.

You are eligible to avail fuel surcharge waiver of up to 2.5% from all the petrol pumps across the country only if you purchase petrol worth INR 500 to INR 3,000. Apart from this, you book railway tickets that would be delivered to your doorstep, pay all your bills online, and enjoy 10X reward points on all international expenses.

Features of Student Plus Advantage Card

  • 5% off on Departmental and Grocery spending
  • Ready Cash
  • Add on Cards
  • Online Booking of Railway Tickets
  • Utility bill payment facility
  • Balance Transfer on EMI
  • Flexipay
  • Easy Money


2. ICICI Bank Student Travel Card

ICICI Bank Student Travel Card
ICICI Bank Student Travel Card

ICICI Bank Student Travel Card is a blessing if you are wishing you study abroad. You can use this credit card to pay our application and university fees either online or through the traditional way. The card is convenient to use since it is widely excepting at all Mastercard outlets. You can now withdraw cash from over 1.5 million MasterCard ATMs through this card.

You are now eligible for an International Student Identity Card that will give you access to various discounts along with better destination offers and discounts would be available in 131 countries including India also. Not only you are eligible to leverage the benefits from travel insurance and other alliance offers from several banks.

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Features of ICICI Bank Student Travel Card

Convenient and safe
Preferential Forex Rates
Highly rewarding
Alliance offers from ICICI Bank
Easy Account Management with Monthly-e-statement
The destination offers from your membership
Quite easy replacement with a primary card
Complete Travel Insurance

3. HDFC ForexPlus Card

HDFC ForexPlus Card
HDFC ForexPlus Card

This is a tailor-made credit card offered by HDFC Bank abroad and needs finance in different currencies. This card works just like a credit card, the transaction will be debited from HDFC ForexPlus Card balance quietly.

The card is available in ten currencies which are accepted all across the globe and thus you can change them into the currency of the nation you are currently in. It is acceptable in all merchant outlets which are affiliated with Visa and Master Card. When you carry out any transaction in the card currency you would not suffer any fluctuations in the market rates.

Even if you are not a HDFC bank customer then you need not worry. You can still avail of this card by visiting the nearest HDFC Bank with the required documents.

Basic Eligibility Criteria for Credit Cards for Students

The basic criteria to get a student credit card is to be 18 years old or above.

Documentation Required for Student Credit Card

PAN Card (Required by some companies)
Residential Address proof
Birth Certificate
College enrolment proof
2 Passport size photographs


4. BOB Financial Prime Credit Card

BOB Financial Prime Credit Card
BOB Financial Prime Credit Card

The BOB Financial Prime is one of the best credit cards for college students in India and earn to cashback. You get a 1% value back which is great among the various credit cards against Fixed Deposits. The lowest deposit amount required (INR 15,000) and the card has no annual fees. To make it simple for you, this credit card creates a solid base to earn cashback every day on the expense that you spend as a student.

Card Details

Minimum Deposit of INR 15,000
No fees
4 Reward points per 100 rupees spent
Fuel Surcharge waiver: INR 400- 5,000 Rs INR 250 waived per month.


5. AXIS Bank Insta Easy Card

AXIS Bank Insta Easy Card
AXIS Bank Insta Easy Card

The Axis Bank Insta Easy Card provides the highest rupee value among all student credit cards. Specifically, you would learn 1.2% value on domestic spending and 2.4% on international spending. Not only that it includes 100 points as an onboarding gift as well as a 15% discount on selected restaurants. If you travel regularly, yatra provides voucher rewards for full use, this is the best credit card for students who love to travel.

Minimum Fixed Deposit- INR 20,000
Fuel Surcharge waiver: Transactions INR 400- INR 4000 waived per month.
Axis Bank’s Dining Delights Program

Benefits of Add-on Credit Card for Students

Credit Card Limit- You will be sharing your parent’s credit card limit. This would be much higher than what the bank will lend you.

Features & Benefits- Most credit card providers extend almost all the benefits to the add-on cardholder. This includes major discounts, dining discounts, and sometimes even premium benefits like lounge access.

Security: In case there is an unusual transaction then you will get your money back for sure.



Regardless of the student card you choose out of the best credit card for college students from the above list, make sure you are using it with proper care and within limits. Make sure you repay the entire amount before the due date.


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