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Love to Travel? Here is how you can use your credit card to ease your travel expense burden 

Here basically the key is to maximize the understanding of the features and benefits of your travel card effectively. 

By CROX Times Desk: If you are someone who is looking for deals and offers just before a vacation then getting a travel-centric card is the right option for you. With the right travel card, you get exciting discounts on flight booking, hotel stays, and many other benefits. 

Co-branded travel cards cater to a variety of travel-related expenses such as flight and hotel bookings. You can earn reward points or air miles and redeem them for free flight tickets or hotel stays. Some of the travel cards also offer discounts on major flights or hotel stays. Some of the travel credit cards also offer direct discounts on travel portals and complimentary memberships to the hotel and airline loyalty programmes.  

If you are wondering whether a travel credit card would be helpful for you, here are some ways you can save using a travel card. 

Redeem rewards for travel-centric 

While many users find reward points a hectic task, travel credit cards could help you save significant rewards or air miles. The number of points that you earn on each transaction may seem low but there would be higher redemption across different travel categories.

For instance, If you have like 1000 reward points and the redemption ratio for travel is 1:1 as compared to the general redemption ratio of 2:1 you would be able to save INR 1000 on all your travel spends but if you have points on other categories then you would be able to earn INR 500. 

Save more Additional Perks 

Individuals who travel can appreciate the additional privileges that travel credit cards offer. These include complimentary airport lounge access. VIP Meet and greet service at airports, membership in loyalty programmes and travel insurance, etc. 

Start Strong with onboarding benefits: Spend more to reach milestones 

Travel credit cards mostly come with valuable bonuses such as complimentary flight tickets, bonus reward points, or discount vouchers from a travel brand. Cardholders can also get substantial value by reaching several milestones. 


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