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Why you must link your RUPAY Credit Card with your UPI?

In just a few years UPI payments have witnessed a sudden boom. However, paying with a bank account does not offer many benefits to credit card enthusiasts. But this time has changed as RBI has allowed to link Rupay Credit cards with UPI. But the good news soon we will be able to use Rupay Credit Cards for UPI for QR codes. 

By CROX Times Desk: The Integration of UPI with credit cards combines digital payments with the flexibility of credit lines, creating a seamless payment experience. 

Here are the perks of linking your Rupay Credit Card with UPI

Convivence and Simplicity- Linking UPI with credit cards simplifies the payment process helping you to make transactions through the platform. 

  •  Increased Security: Security is the premium concern in digital transactions. Linking UPI with credit cards increases security measures through features like biometric verification, and PIN Entry. Additionally, UPI-enabled credit card transactions are often protected by robust fraud detection, minimizing the risk of unauthorized usage. 
  • Easy Access to Credit Line- One of the major perks of credit cards is to have access to a predetermined credit limit. By Integrating UPI with credit cards, users can tap into this credit line while making UPI transactions. This adds an extra layer of financial flexibility, allowing users to manage their cash flow quite swiftly. 

These are three major benefits associated with the Rupay Credit Card linked with UPI. If you haven’t done it then you must do the same today.


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