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Top 6 Best Credit Card for Salaried Person in India

The answer to that question is a Big Yes! A salaried person can easily get a credit card. A credit card allows an individual to make cashless transactions within the limit set by the bank. A credit limit is sanctioned by every bank enabling users to make transactions within the same. The credit cardholder needs to repay the used funds at the end of the month or the billing cycle. Just in case a credit cardholder fails to pay the due amount within the billing cycle then interest would be charged on that same amount. In this article, we are going to explore the best credit card for salaried person and other relevant points. Keep on reading.

One of the biggest parameters to avail of a credit card is having a stable source of income. And we are telling you that the occupation category does not concern banks, but the stability in generating income actually defines the capacity of the individual to repay the amount. The annual income determines the credit limit of your credit card. Experts at the Crox Times had shortlisted a few credit cards that we can say are the best Credit Card for salaried Person.

List of Best Credit Card for Salaried Persons

In this era of digital technology, credit cards have become the most popular mode of transaction. Initially, this was limited to the high class of society but now with the changing trends banks have started offering credit cards to salaried individuals as well. The credit cards offered by the banks are based on the basis of your salary. Here is the list of top credit cards for a salaried person.

Best Credit Card offered by SBI (State Bank of India)

  • SBI Card Elite
  • Doctor’s SBI Card (this is in association with IMA)
  • SBI Card Prime
  • Apollo SBI Card
  • Tata Platinum Card
  • Max SBI Card Select
  • SBI Card Prime Advantage
  • Club Vistara SBI card Prime
  • Central Bank of India SBI Elite Card
  • Central Bank of India SBI Elite Card
  • City Union Bank SBI Card Prime
  • SBI Card Elite Business

Features and Perks

  • You can transfer the outstanding balances of your credit cards into Easy EMIs
  • The bank offers instant cash with the SBI’s Card’s Easy Money as well as ATM services as well.
  • You can easily pay your utility bills with easy and flexible features such as auto pay and fast pay.
  • With your SBI Card, you can easily choose from three different types of insurance coverage such as accidents, health card theft, and much more. The above-mentioned are Best SBI Credit Cards for Salaried Person.

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Best HDFC Credit Card for Salaried Person

  • IndiGo HDFC Bank Credit Card
  • EasyEMI Card
  • Freedom Credit Card
  • Corporate Premium Credit Card
  • Solitaire Credit Card
  • Doctors Superia Credit Card
  • Teachers Platinum Credit Card

Features and Perks

  • HDFC offers a credit card for every single need. Right from expenses to luxury spending, daily commute to holidays, the bank will just take your customer experience to the next level.
  • You can avail reward points on leading brands
  • One of the major benefits is lounge access to both domestic and international airports.

Best Axis Credit Card for Salaried Person

  • Axis Bank Freecharge Plus Credit Card
  • Flipkart Axis Credit Card
  • Axis Bank NEO Credit Card
  • Axis Bank Vistara Credit card
  • Axis Bank Insta Credit Card
  • Axis Bank My Wings Credit Card
  • Miles and More Axis Bank Credit Card
  • Titanium Smart Traveller Credit Card

Features and Perks

  • You get exclusive benefits on transactions for travel, food, e-commerce, and or a combination of both.
  • Waiver of fuel surcharges
  • Moreover, you can avail of discounted deals on hotel bookings and restaurant orders.

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Best ICCI Credit Card for Salaried Person

  • Carbon Credit Card
  • HPCL Credit Card
  • Platinum Chip Card
  • Rubyx Credit Card
  • Emerald Credit Card

Features and Perks

  • You can get exciting discounts on shopping, dining, and movies
  • As far as the travel benefits are concerned, you can get complimentary airport lounge access and fuel discounts
  • Credit cards come along with a chip, this is inbuilt so that you get protected from all potential frauds.

Best Yes Bank Credit Card for Salaried Person

  • Yes Prosperity Edge
  • Yes Prosperity Reward Plus
  • Yes Prosperity Cashback Plus
  • Yes Prosperity Business

Perks and Features

  • As a welcome Cashback, you are well eligible for a cashback of Rs 250 to 1250 Spends in the first after issuing.
  • You can collect reward points on the expenditure and redeem the same for exciting products and services
  • Convert the spend into easy EMI. This would give you flexibility for high-amount purchases.
  • Yes Bank Credit Cards give easy access to airport lounges.
  • You can also get fuel waivers of INR 500.

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Best Lifetime Free Credit Card

Standard Chartered Platinum Reward Card

This card comes with Zero Annual Fees, but they charge an amount after the card is approved. This credit card is best for salaried persons who want to have a round credit card.


  • Easy approval for the salaried people
  • 20% cashback on Uber rides
  • 5 Points for spending more than INR 150 on dinning
  • 5 Points for spending INR 150 on fuel
  • Additional discounts and offers from Ola, Yatra, etc keep getting changing with the passage of time.
  • Get additional 1000 reward points if you transact within 60 days after the issue.

Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit Card

Don’t get too stressed about the annual fees, you can get them waived every year, it is the best credit card for salaried people spending more than 1.2 Lakh per year.


  • 5% cashback on credit card expenses at the departmental stores.
  • 3X rewards when you use your credit card anywhere
  • You can earn up to Rs 500 as cashback every month and Rs 150 per transaction as well.

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The Best Credit Cards to avail of Fuel Benefits are:

  • Citi IOC Credit Card
  • HDFC Bharat cashback
  • RBL Platinum Maxima


These are the best credit cards for a salaried person. As we have already mentioned that it all depends on your income. But here are some factors that you must consider.

3 Factors need to be considered before opting for a credit card

Credit Score– First, the credit score requirements will be different depending on the type of card you are applying for. If you are looking for a card for a particular objective such as travel and shopping, the higher the better what does this mean? Well, if you don’t have a history of using credit cards, then it is wise to start with a card that is easy to qualify for.

Fees– Fees can quickly add up- especially if you carry from month to month (this is quite common in the case of credit cards) A high interest can also make it difficult for customers to repay the balance. So make sure you are well aware of the fees associated with the card.

Interest Rates– Generally the interest rates are a lot higher so make sure you have read all the documents, especially the interest part before applying to any card. The interest rate goes from 0% to 27%. To avoid a heavy burden on yourself, you must read the terms and conditions.

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FAQ’s Related to the Best Credit Card for Salaried Person

What is the credit card limit for a 1 lakh salary?

The average credit limit of a person is just double their income. For a person earning up to 1 Lakh salary would credit a limit of 2.5 Lakh to 3 lahks.

Which credit card is best for low-salaried employees?

Every bank issuing a credit card has a low credit limit, it all depends on your income. This provides the bank the assurity that you would be able to pay the amount within the defined time period.

Can I apply for a credit card with a 20k salary?

Yes, if you are getting salary is getting transferred via IMPS/NEFT, you can get it approved but this would be a salaried credit card.


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