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Top Credit Cards: Things you must keep in mind before signing up

You have plenty of choices when it comes to choosing the best credit cards for yourself, Aren’t You? The festive season is just around the corner and there will be immense spending at the same time. With the festive week of Diwali ahead, people explore the best credit cards to use the money strategically and effectively. But in this festive season, it is all about limiting benefits but also selecting credit cards that help you reap benefits around the year. 

In this article from the CROX Times, experts make it clear for you as we provide you important points to consider before signing up for and best credit cards in this festive season. 

Important Points to consider before signing up

  • What is the annual rate of interest?
  • How will you be rewarded?
  • What is your credit score?
  • What will be the annual fees?
  • What will be the penalty charges in case of late payment or non-payment?
  • What is the credit limit of your card?

Top 3 Credit Cards in India 

Are you looking for the best credit cards before the festive season begins? Our experts have explored the best credit card options available in India. 

  1. RBL BankBazar Save Max Credit Card- This credit card offered by RBL Bank is the best credit card for benefitting from daily shopping needs. The more groceries you shop using this card, the more rewards you will earn here. This is best suited for cashback offers, and there are no limits on transactions for cashback. 
  1. IDFC First Select Credit Card- This credit card from IDFC Bank offers a number of benefits, travel perks, and rewards points around the year. This card is perfect for customers who prefer both online and in-store purchases. Not only that, it also offers competitive interest rates too. 
  1. HDFC Moneyback Plus Credit Card- HDFC Bank is known for offering multiple credit cards. This card is one of the best offerings by HDFC credit card. This is best suited for your fuel, grocery needs, and festive needs. 


While considering a credit card in India, it is very important to consider factors such as annual fees, interest rates, reward programs, etc. The choice however is based on the individual’s habits and lifestyle. 


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