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Top 10 Best Sedan Cars With Sunroof India | Features | Price

A Sunroof is a perfect way to enjoy a long drive under natural light and fresh air, making journeys more pleasant and exciting. Wondering what are top Sedan cars with sunroof?

In this blog from CROX Times, we are going to list out the 10 best Sedan Cars with Sunroof India that fits your requirements and needs.

Note: The prices mentioned are for the base variant and may or may not include sunroof features. And there would be changes in prices without prior notice.

Top 10 Sedan Cars with Sunroof India

KIA Sonet

KIA Sonet With Sunroof
KIA Sonet With Sunroof

The subcompact SUV is known for its worthiness. It offers the perfect balance between the price and the feature that it offers. KIA Sonet offers a decent sunroof; with that, it is among the best and most powerful SUVs in its segment.

Under the hood, Sonet comes with multiple engine options with a powerful 1.0-litre turbo engine. This powerful engine generates a peak power output of 120ps. The Mileage of the KIA Sonet is 18/19 Kmpl.

Price- 7.77 Lakhs

Hyundai i20

Hyundai i20 With Sunroof
Hyundai i20 With Sunroof

There are very few premium hatchbacks that boast a sunroof. Well, apart from Honda Jazz, the Hyundai i20 gets this luxury feature. The Korean Carmaker Hyundai recently completely revamped with a generation change.

In this new generation change, many new features were added by the carmaker. And yes, this also includes a sunroof as well. With the New i20 you would also get tons of engine transmissions and options to choose from. The mileage of the i20 Hyundai is around 19.5 KMPL to 21KMPL.

Price- 7.84 Lakhs

Honda JAZZ

Honda JAZZ With Sunroof
Honda JAZZ With Sunroof

The Premium Hatchback Sedan from Honda that gets an option of a sunroof you have is Honda JAZZ. Although this vehicle is slightly expensive if we talk about its pricing. Honda had given some cool features to make this sedan worth buying.

With that being said, Honda Jazz in its top-end trim gets a feature list including a sunroof. Honda has equipped the Honda Jazz with an option of a 1.2 Litre naturally aspirated petrol engine. The Honda Jazz Mileage is 17.1 Kmpl.

Price- INR 8.52 Lakhs

Tata Nexon

Tata Nexon With Sunroof
Tata Nexon With Sunroof

The cheapest TATA Vehicle that comes with a sunroof is TATA Nexon. This sub-compact SUV is not feature-packed but also safe for your family and loved ones. During the Global NCAP, TATA Nexon successfully scored a 5-star rating when it comes to adult safety. This is one of the finest Sedan cars with a Sunroof as per many automobile experts.

In addition to that, Tata Nexon comes with a powerful 1.2 Litre turbo petrol diesel engine. This car is perfect for long drives and companions since it gives a mileage of 17-24 Kmpl.

Price- INR 7.98 Lakhs

Mahindra XUV300

Mahindra XUV300 With Sunroof
Mahindra XUV300 With Sunroof

If someone asks you which is the best Safest and Sunroof car in India? The answer to this question is Mahindra XUV300. The Indian carmaker sends the XUV300 for global NCAP crash test rating.

And this compact SUV comes right at the top as it scored a 5-star rating in adult occupancy and 4 stars in child safety. In the end, it is very interesting to have a long list of features that includes a sunroof. This makes the Mahindra XUV 300 among the least expensive cars with a sunroof. The XUV 300 has a mileage of 16.5 to 20.1 Kmpl.

Price- INR 9.09 LAKHS

Best Mileage Car in Petrol SUV India

Ford Ecosport

Ford Ecosport With Sunroof
Ford Ecosport With Sunroof

Another vehicle that is an important part of the Mid-size SUV segment is Ford EcoSport. Ford hasn’t updated the features in this vehicle, however, the car still managed to be one the best-selling vehicles in the SUV market.

By Upgrade, we mean that the company hadn’t kept the vehicle up to date. This includes constant additions to the feature list. And if you read this till here then let us tell you that the vehicle comes with a sunroof too. The mileage of Ford EcoSport lies between 14 kmpl to 21 kmpl.

Price- INR 9.63 Lakhs

Honda WRV

Honda WRV With Sunroof

The vehicle that seems to be a little expensive on this list is Honda WR-V. Although this subcompact SUV comes with a decent diesel engine, the petrol engine seems to be overpowered.

Still keeping that aside, WR-V is decently equipped and does come with India’s favorite feature, a sunroof. And not that the size of the sunroof is bigger in comparison to its other vehicles. The mileage of the car is between 16-23kmpl.

Price- INR 10.48 lakhs

Honda City

Honda City With Sunroof
Honda City With Sunroof

The oldest and most reliable sedan on this list is Honda City. This vehicle is in the Indian market for over a decade and it remains a top sedan car with a sunroof among car lovers.

The company keeps the car updated with the latest technology. And In 2020, the company launched a new generation of the city. This time everything was upgraded from in and out. And the company hadn’t left you disappointed as it comes with a sunroof too. If we talk about the mileage of the car, it gives 15-20kmpl.

Price- INR 12.61 Lakhs

Hyundai Verna

Hyundai Verna With Sunroof
Hyundai Verna With Sunroof

Moving on to the next vehicle when it comes to the best sedan cars in India is Hyundai Verna. Currently, there are limited sedans in India that offer sunroof and Hyundai Verna is among them. The Korean carmaker updated this sedan last year. The previous model also had a sunroof and so does the new facelifted Verna.

Along with multiple features, the Verna also gets a digital instrument cluster and ventilated seats. As traditionally Hyundai Verna comes with 2 engine options i.e., diesel and petrol. The mileage of the car is 19-21 kmpl.

Price- INR 10.48 Lakhs

Hyundai Venue

Hyundai Venue With Sunroof
Hyundai Venue With Sunroof

Hyundai Venue is equipped with a lot of features such as an air purifier, headlights, and most importantly a much demanding sunroof. Just like KIA Sonet, Venue comes with multiple engine options such as a powerful 120ps 1.0 Litre 3-cylinder engine. If we talk about Hyundai Venue, the company claims to produce 17-18 KMPL.

This is the first compact SUV introduced by the Korean carmaker. If you are not aware then let us tell you that Hyundai Venue is based on the same platform as KIA Sonet. This certainly means that Hyundai Venue was the first SUV in terms of money worthiness.

Price- INR 7.92 Lakhs


From luxury to general, the above-mentioned are some best sedan cars with sunroofs and this is a feature that appeals to buyers across multiple segments.

So, if want to enjoy a long journey with the best sedan cars with sunroofs India then all you need to do is visit the showrooms and get the best car today for your family and loved ones.

Stay tuned with crox times for informative articles. And do let us know which is the best sedan car according to you in the comment section below.


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