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Just throw newspapers out and check whether someone picks them up or not. Interesting Ghaziabad loot case

By Crox Media Desk: A gang of thieves used a newspaper to check whether the family was at home or not, and if not, they robbed the entire home and escaped with cash and jewellery worth 10 lakhs in Avantika Phase 2 in Ghaziabad.

The incident came to light after the family returned from a trip to Vaishno Devi Mandir on Wednesday. The family consists of senior citizen Ravindra Kumar Bansal, his wife, and a daughter.

The family left their house on October 29th for a trip. When they returned, they found their home had been robbed of gold, silver jewellery, and cash as well.

Ravindra Kumar Bansal said, “Upon our return to home, we found that our main door was left open and an iron mesh door was partly open.” A newspaper was also lying just outside the house. “The house was left a complete mess, and they took over silver, gold jewellery, and some cash, totalling 10 lakh rupees.”

What is the most interesting part of the case is that the family hadn’t subscribed to any newspaper, but they found one upon arrival.

This is where they ascertained, by throwing newspaper, whether there is someone at home or not.

He further added, “It seems like there is obviously a gang of thieves that commits crimes like this.” The newspaper that was found was dated October 29 and had been lying in the area for a few days, during which we were on holiday. So it was lying for 2–3 days where it was thrown. So they came to know there was no one in the house. “We are still estimating the things that are not being robbed, and they even took away suit lengths that were kept in the cupboards.”

While the Bansal was checking the CCTV footage of the day on which the incident took place, this might have happened at night. The police had registered a FIR at Kavi Nagar Police Station and started the investigation as well.


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