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The 2-year-old knows how to take care of her pregnant mother. Watch the video, it will make your day

The viral video shows how a 2-year-old is always ready to help her mother. As soon as the mom drops a plate, she comes up to pick it up.

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  • The viral video shows how a two-year-old is always at her mother’s call. 
  • As soon as her mother dropped a plate, she hurried to pick it up as the mother would not be able to do so. 
  • The video had crossed over 12 million views. 

By Crox Media Desk:  A video of a toddler going viral on social media for a very special reason, it shows that a two-year old is by her pregnant wife’s side whenever she requires her help. So much so that she doesn’t want her mum to pick up the dishes. A little experiment that her mother did shows how she is at her beck and call, always. The video is shared by her mom Chrisma on her Instagram profile. 

In the video, you can see Chrisma’s doing a little experiment to show how her daughter is concerned about her pregnant mother. She drops a plate to see what her daughter Kalena does. As soon as she hears that her mother had dropped the plate, she hurries up to pick it up. She is pretty aware of the thing that her mother is pregnant and cannot bend down much. So despite she was on the couch enjoying with her tablet, she ran to her mother to help her. 

Watch the complete video here

The comments section is filled with beautiful comments for the little “Especially right after sitting down with the iPad and getting comfy, gotta be true love” Someone wrote. Another user wrote, “This is an exact example of an older sibling, responsible, and dependable by every parent.”


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