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4 Fast Ways How to Improve Credit Card Score

With the changing trends, credit card has become a necessity or status symbol among the younger generation. In the race of having credit cards, they often forget the important factors that affect credit card documentation and one such thing is the credit score. And they come up with a common question “how to improve credit card score”. This score is really important and it would largely affect the overall limit and other major things required while filing for a credit card.

If you have the same question then don’t worry team at Crox Times is here to assist you. This post will guide you on how you can improve your credit score and what not to that affect the same.

Your credit worthiness and Your credit score are directly proportional to each other. What does this mean? The better your score, the easier you will find it to be approved for new loans or new lines of credit. A higher Credit Card can also open the doors to the lowest interest rates when you borrow.

Tips How to Improve Credit Card Score

Why Does a Good Credit Score Matter?

Basically, credit score measures your ability to manage debt. The higher your score would, the more responsible you would be to pay your debts. For an instance, a credit score of 850 would be perfect using the FICO model.

What does a high credit score bring to you? In layman’s terms, it is better to loan terms and easier approval. An excellent credit score will save thousands of rupees over the course of a lifetime. Someone with an excellent credit score gets better offers on mortgages, auto loans, and everything else that concerns financing.

Individuals with a better credit score are considered lower risk-borrowers, with more banks competing for their business and offering better rates and fee perks. And whereas those who have poor credit scores are considered high-risk borrowers with few lenders actually competing with them and more businesses getting away with increased Annual Percentage rates (APRs) because of it.

Additionally, a poor credit score can affect your ability to find a house on rent and even get life insurance because a poor credit card score affects your insurance score.

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How to Build a Good Credit score?

If you are someone who is asking “ how to improve credit card score”. There are multiple ways in which you can take to improve your credit score. Some of them may be things you work on over course of weeks or months. Here are some tips suggested by our team experts.

  • Review your Credit reports
  • Get a handle on bill payment
  • Use 30% or less of your credit limit to know if your credit card limit is decided
  • Limit requests for new credit.
  • Track your progress with credit monitoring.
  1. Review Your Credit Reports: Before you work on enhancing your credit, it helps to know what might be working in your favor. This is where your credit history comes into play. Factors that contribute to a higher credit score include a history of on-time payments, low balances on your credit cards, and a mix of credit card and loan amounts. Late or missed payments, high credit card balances, and judgments are major credit card score declining factors.

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How often you should check your credit score?

You should check your credit score at regular intervals to know about the errors (if any). Many banks offer free credit monitoring to customers: check whether you can enroll for a particular service or not and get score alerts where it changes.

How can you quickly improve your credit score?

Improving credit scores is a time taking process and you would not witness a sudden increase overnight. However, you can potentially speed up your dues and removed all the unnecessary things.

  1. Speed up your Bill Payments- More than 90% of top lenders use FICO scores to make all credit decisions. These are basically determined by mainly five factors.
  • Payment History (35%)
  • Credit usage (30%)
  • Age of credit cards (15%)
  • Credit Mix (10%)
  • New credit inquiries (10%)

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You must have witnessed now timely repayment largely helps in growing your credit score. This is the reason it is better to pay debts so that a lesser impact would be there on your credit card score.

  1. Aim for 30% card utilization or less than that- Card utilization is basically referred to a portion of your credit limit that you can use at a given point in time. After the payment, it is the second most affecting factor for your credit card score. The simplest way to keep your credit utilization in check is to pay your credit balances in a full month. From there, you can work on whittling that down to 10% which is sufficient for raising your credit score.
  2. Limit your New Credit Card requests- There are two types of inquiries into your credit history, often referred to as soft and hard inquiries. A soft inquiry might include you checking your own credit, and giving a potential employer permission to check your credit. These inquiries will not affect your credit card score.


Improving your credit score is good goal to have, especially if you are willing to buy product on credit. We hope you the answer to your question “how to improve credit card score”. This can take several weeks, sometimes few months, to see a noticeable impact on your credit when you start taking necessary steps.

FAQ’s Related to How to Improve Credit Card Score

How can I raise my credit score in 30 days?

Paying dues and balances on time can help to increase your credit score.

How long does it take to build a 720-credit score?

Well, it all depends on your timely payment and your debt management limit.

Should I pay off my credit card in full or leave a small balance?

It is ideal to pay your credit card due in full whenever you are capable of doing the same. This will help you to overcome interest rate charged by card issuers.


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