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Zimbabwe Managed to Clinch 1 Run Victory over Pakistan in World Cup 2022- Post Match Celebration is overloaded with Memes

The thrilling match between Pakistan and Zimbabwe at World Cup 2022 has prompted a Meme Festival on Twitter.

Keeping it Short

  • Zimbabwe defeated Pakistan by the smallest margin of just 1 run. 
  • The end result of the match left Netizens delighted 
  • People started a Meme Fest on the Twitter 

By Admin:  The internet just went crazy when Zimbabwe beat Pakistan by the thinnest margin of 1 run in the Group 2 match of the T20 World Cup. Zimbabwe batted first and set a target of 130 runs, they managed to restrict Pakistan’s batting lineup to 129 runs in 8 wickets. 

The internet geeks didn’t waste much time talking about the unexpected in the mode of memes. The thrilling match prompted people to use different kinds of memes mainly from popular Bollywood movies to Funny Videos.  We have shortlisted a few memes here.

After his defeat, it is now unlikely that Pakistan will reach the final tour. The team has to win all three of their remaining matches, starting with the Netherlands on Sunday, then South Africa.

You must have found memes quite funny, isn’t it?


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