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Why Chhath Puja doesn’t require Priest for its Rituals?

The Sun unlike other gods and goddesses is a pratyaksha (Visible) devata. The dialogue between man and God is direct, there is no need for an Intermediary in between. 

By Admin:  The Four-day Chhath Puja began on Friday 28th October, Not in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and some parts of Odisha and Nepal. However, similar celebrations can be witnessed in Purvanchal Live, be it in the Capital City and Mumbai. 

Social Media is flooded with colourful snapshots from Melbourne, Portland, Dubai and other places where the Purvanchali resides, the celebration has begun.

You can read much about what happens on the four days of Puja but do you know the reason why there is no need for a priest to preside over the rituals? This is a story from Crox times that will tell you about the same.

During Chhath devotees worship the Sun, who unlike other gods and goddesses are visible and there is no need for an intermediary while worshipping. 

In conventional Vedic Settings, the priesthood cannot be done away with because of the concept of Bali (offering). You pray because you want something from the Almighty be it good health, a job or a life partner even Ravan is believed to earn his vardans this way. 

However, during Chhath Devotees themselves chants all the mantras while offering Arghyas to the sun. The basic idea behind this is to express gratitude towards god for the things we have. 

That’s why Devotees pray both to the setting and rising sun. The festival shows that both sunrise and sunset are important for humankind. Without this cycle, our survival is not possible. Chhath is more of a cultural and religious rather than a traditional festival. 

But there is no ban on taking the help of a priest to preside over Chhath Rituals. And on this occasion devotees generally worship Chhath, the sun, his wife Usha or Chhathi Maiya, nature, wind and water. 

Cleaning of water bodies for the Puja is a major environment-friendly activity. It is also believed that our body can easily absorb sunlight during sunset and sunrise. Science Says that rays during sunrise and sunset have the least Ultraviolet radiation. 

Purity is of utmost importance in this festival. Devotees need to take the holy bath following a period of self-restraint. They sleep on the floor for four days of the festival. 

Not only that Chhath also vanishes the caste system and promotes equality and fraternity. Each devotee regardless of her class or caste prepares similar offerings. Spreading the message of unity and our Muslim brothers also enjoys this festival very much. 

As per Hindu Mythology, it is believed that Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya, he and his wife took the fast in honour of the Sun god and broke the same with the setting sun. And on the other hand, Karna the Child of the Sun God and Kunti was said to offer prayers in the water. Karna Ruled over Anga Desh which is now Bhagalpur in Bihar. Draupadi and Pandavas are also believed to take this fast to get back their kingdom.

 The devotees who observe fast are known as vratis. Chhath Puja is mainly celebrated for the prosperity and well-being of family members. Commonly women keep but now with the changing trends, men are keeping too.

Day 1 Prasad is made using various ingredients such as pumpkin, moong channa dal and bottle guard. Chawal (Rice), Chana Dal, and lauki are must on the menu of the devotees. On the second day, devotees make a special prasad a special sweet dish, thekua with Jaggery, and ghee flour, which is offered as a prasad to Chhathi Maiya. 


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