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You will not be able to online transactions if you don’t do this

Every new debit and credit card now comes with certain transaction control at the time of issuance. This debit or credit card cannot be used for any offline or offline transactions without first enabling the said option in the bank transaction control system via net banking, mobile app, at the branch. 

How to Activate a debit card or credit for online usage?

The card control mechanism is switched off by default whenever a new debit or credit card is issued by the authority. This certainly means the debit or credit card can be used anywhere online or offline without switching the controls on. So to enable a credit card control mechanism, one needs to go to its bank’s/ net banking/ portal to enable the same. 

Just in case an individual has forgotten to enable their credit card mechanism before going out of state and cannot use the bank’s net banking or mobile banking app issues due to net problem then they can visit the nearest branch in any state in India to enable or disable card transaction limits. 

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