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Nissan Magnite AMT: Is it worth it?

Nissan Magnite has been introduced to the market. Our experts will tell you whether it is worth buying it or not. 

By CROX Times Desk: Nissan had launched the automatic transmission version of Magnite. The Japanese carmakers claim that the Magnite AMT promises to deliver an unmatchable experience to its customers. Our experts recently drove the car and here we are to provide the best review of Nissan Magnite AMT, whether it is worthwhile to buy it or not. 

Before we dig into the details of the AMT version, let us tell you something about Nissan magnate. The sub-metre compact SUV was introduced in the market back in December 2020. Ever since its launch, it has been a great product for the company in terms of volume. The importance of this car can be gauged from the fact that it is currently the only car which is sold by the company in the Indian Market. 

The Magnite comes with two options mainly- B4D 3-cylinder 1.0-liter naturally aspirated petrol and HRAO 3-cylinder 1.0-liter petrol 5-speed transmission is equipped with both motors. But the AMT transmission is now equipped with the aspirated engine only. This was a little surprising on the counterparts with Renault Kiger ever since it was launched in February 2021. 

Performance of Nissan Magnite 

The Magnite AMT’s naturally aspirated engine generates 72PS of maximum power and 96NM of peak torque. But these figures show that the vehicle is not so powerful, so do not expect much in terms of performance. A little bit of a conservative approach is a must while driving the vehicle. 

On its part, the 5-speed AMT has its own limitations. The downshifts take a little longer and if compared the same with Maruti or Hyundai cars. Amid Slow acceleration, this car takes its own time to reach its pinnacle speed. In such cases, you need to be very careful especially when it comes to taking overtakes on highways. 

Although highways are not the ideal playground for Nissan Magnite, but it performs better in the city conditions. Since you need to worry about gear shifting, your life becomes much easier. With the availability of a hill-hold, you need not worry about an incline or uphill road. 

What is the price of the Nissan Magnite AMT/EZ Shift Price?

The Magnite AMT is being offered in XE, XL, XV, and XV premium variants. The price of the Nissan Magnite goes between INR 6,49,000 to INR 8,89,000.


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