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Morbi Tragedy:  They Shook the bridge and it just came down I Watch the Viral Video

The CCTV Footage revealed that the people actually shook the bridge and it came down in a flash.

By Crox Media Desk: The Suspension Bridge on the Machchhu River in Gujarat Mobi’s Collapsed on Sunday evening, Killing at least 140 people. The CCTV showed people shook the bridge and it just came down within few seconds.

In the video, people can be holding onto the bridge and trying to swing it using its cables. The bridge was crammed with people and it came down as people swung on it. Several people standing on the bridge fell into the river.

The British Period Bridge reopened for the public just four days back after remaining shut for renovation for seven months. The state information department said they have assigned NDRF Teams, a team of Air Force, two columns of Army and two teams of Indian Navy apart from the local rescue teams were involved in the operation continued the whole Night.

Soon after the Incident, Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel rushed to Morbi quickly and monitored the whole situation personally. He also announced a compensation of Rs 4 lakh for the deceased ones and Rs 50,000 as financial aid for the injured ones. The Chief Minister is likely to camp in Morbi till the rescue operations get over.


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