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How to Maximize Reward Points without Overspending using your credit card?

Don’t overspend just in the greed of earning maximum reward points 

Credit Card is quite convenient and rewarding. You use them just to make all the big-size or mid-size expenses. The reward points are directly proportional to your spending. But it should be noted that don’t just overspend in pursuit of getting more reward points. 

So, the question is how to earn reward points keeping in mind the over expenditure?

Don’t worry experts at Crox Times are here to help you out with this. 

Credit Card reward points are the returns on the money that you have spent on the credit card. These are offered on a specific amount that you have spent. For instance, you 2 reward points for every 100. Different credit cards offer varied rates across multiple brands and categories. For example, there are certain reward points offered by credit cards on flight tickets and the same can be redeemed in Airport Lounges. 

Here are 3 strategies that can help to use your credit cards wisely. 

  1. Don’t spend money just for earning rewards- The whole idea of earning rewards is to encourage people to use credit cards. Don’t fool yourself for the sake of earning reward points and spending beyond your actual budget. To save money, you can use your credit on day-to-day expenses such as fuel, and groceries even if you have cash in hand. 
  1. Understand the types of cards for higher reward points and pick a card that offers rewards as per your lifestyle- Several credit cards suit your lifestyle. For instance, there are co-branded credit cards that issue with a major brand that you can use on outlets and get earn more reward points. There are category-wise and travel credit cards that can help you to earn more reward points while booking flight tickets using the same. 
  1. There is “no best credit card”- One size fits in all approach doesn’t work here. As the spending behavior of customers varies from person to person and income-wise. And there is no best credit card, you need to figure out your expenses and you can choose the credit card accordingly. 

Choose your credit card wisely!! Found it useful? Stay tuned for more such content.


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