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Precautions for People with PCOS to Reduce Diabetes Risk, World Diabetes Day

Most of the women with PCOS who have a body mass index of over 25 are at higher risk of developing diabetes at later stages of their lives. So, on World Diabetes Day, here are some lifestyle changes suggested by doctors that can help you reduce the risk.

In Short

  • Women with PCOS who have a high BMI are more susceptible to developing diabetes.
  • Diabetes is more common in women who are not physically active.
  • The diagnosis of diabetes and prediabetes should be done early.

Crox Media Desk reports:PCOS and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) are inextricably linked.Since both diseases are metabolic, women with PCOS are at higher risk of developing diabetes.

PCOS-affected women who have a high BMI (body mass index) of over 25 are susceptible to developing Type 2 diabetes. However, doctors said it is irreversible. Some changes to lifestyle and medical treatment can help the body secrete the right amount of glucose.

“There are fewer chances of lowering insulin levels in diabetes with PCOS.”You have enough insulin to meet the body’s needs, but the ability of insulin to act upon cells decreases gradually. said Dr. Ajay Phadke.

He further added, “Practicing improper lifestyles like eating junk food or having a low-fiber diet and not exercising.”

According to Dr. Phadke, there is a direct link between obesity and diabetes, and a study found that women with PCOS are at risk of developing the disease.

He further added, “Aerobic exercise can help reduce insulin, and diet plays an important role in reducing the risk of diabetes.” And lifestyle modification—no processed food and only whole grains should be consumed—should decrease the chances. “And stress management can help them control the insulin level.”


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