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Best Alternatives to wheat and Rice for your diet, if you have Diabetes

Wheat and Rice are necessary ingredients of any Indian dish, but these are rich in carbohydrates and have a high glycemic Index which means these are quickly broken down and hike your blood sugar level in the body.

Keeping it to the point

  • Ragi and Bajra is the best alternative to this. 
  • Wheat and rice have high Glycemic index that enhances your sugar level
  • Potatoes should be avoided by sugar patients since it increases their sugar level. 

By Crox Media Desk: Wheat and Rice should be avoided for a person who is diabetic. A person suffering from this lifestyle disorder has to manage their carbohydrate, fat, and protein intake. Experts suggest improving your condition with a low-carb and high-protein diet can help by finding the relevant alternatives. 

“Diabetes is a lifestyle disease and it occurs due to the deficiency of insulin which is a hormone secreted by the pancreas. When the insulin level becomes less than the standard sugar level, the person becomes diabetic. Due to bad eating habits and sedentary lifestyle people are becoming more prone to this disease” Said Dr. Shafi, Brightstar hospital Moradabad. 

He further added, “Most people have rice and wheat, as these are common ingredients of Indian Dishes. Rich in Carbohydrates, these foods have a high Glycemic Index and have low calories Bajra and Ragi. You can add bajra to your meal and it is a good source of fibre and use to make paranthas. Raji is a good source of Fibre. You can consume multigrain oats. Make smoothies for a healthy breakfast” 

He said that people across the country have different diets and can find substitutes according to the foods available in their region. For an instance, if someone is living in Gujarat, then they can have dhokla, but it should be combined with sprouts. Because just remember carbohydrate intake should be low. We can add dahlia with lesser oil and have it with egg whites too”.

You can add these alternatives to your diet to make sure your sugar level remains controlled.


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