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Microsoft is to announce more ChatGPT- powered tools in March this year. Read the complete details here

Microsoft is planning to integrate ChatGPT into other tools like MS word, PowerPoint, and outlook most probably for the next month. The Company recently unveiled a new version of bing which attempts to revamp the way redefine the way online research operates.

Keeping it short 

  • Microsoft recently announced a new version of Bing. 
  • The company is planning to integrate to bring ChatGPT technology into its other useful tools. 
  • The announcement is likely to be made next month. 

By Crox Media Desk: Microsoft recently announced all new Bing, that will redefine online search and will be powered by technology quite similar to ChatGPT. The Company said that the new Bing will run a new OpenAI large language model that is “more powerful ChatGPT and customized specifically for the search” Microsoft is currently competing with Google directly with the launch of Bing and people are now eager to use AI-powered search engine. However, Microsoft’s experiments with AI won’t be stopping here. 

The Company is reportedly all set to integrate AI into other tools like MS Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Reports of Microsoft Planning to roll its AI feature to its other tools but this might take place in the next month. 

Microsoft to Launch AI-Powered word, PowerPoint, and Outlook 

According to the report of verge, the tech giant is preparing to show how office tools will be completely changed with ChatGPT technology. Various sources told that the company is preparing these plans in the next couple of weeks and most likely announce the next month. 

Earlier, there was information that ChatGPT models were being used for testing purposes for suggesting e-mail replies in Outlook and to improve users writing in word. However, an official announcement is yet to be made in March. 

Microsoft’s all-new Bing

Microsoft launched a new version of Bing Last week that can be accessed by some users as of now. In order to get access, users need to join the waiting list on Bing’s homepage. The new version of Bing brings a variety of benefits and aims to change the way things look on the Internet. 

In an official statement, “the new Bing brings an improved version of the familiar experience, providing more relevant results for things simple things like Sports, stock prices and weather, along with a new sidebar that more comprehensive answers if you want them”

Microsoft and OpenAI had recently announced their partnership and entered into a multi-billion deal. OpenAI is the parent company of this viral AI tool known as ChatGPT.


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