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How Virtual Cards can protect you while shopping online

Avoid your physical credit cards while shopping online for your safety and privacy. 

By Crox Times Desk: If your credit card or debit card details ever got compromised then you must be familiar with the hassle to get them back. Virtual credit and debit cards can help you avoid financial headaches and your accounts will be safe from any security breach. 

Before we explain how virtual cards can protect you while shopping online, we wanted to convey that we are not promoting any virtual credit or debit card. 

Working on Virtual Cards 

A virtual card is quite similar to your conventional card except it has no physical presence. These cards are designed keeping in mind online shopping and depending on the services you avail from multiple cards for all other major purposes. You create cards for a purpose, and you will keep them as long as you need them. 

This gives you a large amount of access to the control of your payment online. For instance, you can lock cards if you want to use them for a particular purpose. You can also set spending limits so that you don’t run into further issues. You can freeze or instate these cards at any point to stop any sort of payment from being made. 

You should able to manage your virtual credit or debits from a mobile app or website so that you can control your spending. And similarly have to link your “real” payment information to your virtual provider of choice. 

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