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Debit Card Vs Credit Card: Which One Is Better for Daily Use?

At times you would not be able to decide which card to use to make a payment as people have both cards in their wallets. 

By Crox Times Desk:  What should you choose debit or credit card more frequently to make a payment? However, this is a very tricky question. Actually, it all depends on the type of transactions you make for your daily purchases. 

Both credit and debit card give you the freedom to make payment as per your needs but both comes with some benefits that you must be aware of to make a wise decision while going for shopping with your family and friends. 

There are times when you would not be able to decide which card would be beneficial for you as people carry it in their wallets. When it comes to deciding which one to choose, it depends on your requirements. 

In India, debit cards have gained immense popularity due to their convenience. With a debit card, you can make purchases or withdraw cash directly from your account. This card is perfect for those who want to keep an eye on their expense and avoid all the accumulating debt. 

Now with the changing trends, the government had also pushed towards Digital India and the Unified Payment Incorporation (UPI) has further made the use of debit cards quite easy. The enhanced usage of UPI has increased the need for debit cards for all Indians, reducing the reliance on cash in hand. 

On the counterparts, Credit Cards are not bad at all however, it paves the way to debt accumulation if it is not managed properly. Therefore, it very essential for the customers to assess their financial ability and ability to repay the amount before the due date arises. 

Finally, the choice between debit and credit cards depends on various factors. Debit cards are ideal for those who prioritize responsible spending, and seamless integration with UPI. On the other hand, credit cards offer numerous benefits and financial liberty but it requires disciplined usage and carefully analyzing of interest rates and dues. 


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