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7 dead in 2 shootings in California’s Bay Area days after 11 were killed at Monterey Park

Gunmen shot 7 people dead at agricultural facilities in the city of Half Moon Bay in California. The suspect is a 67-year-old who is in police custody now. 

By Crox Media Desk:  7 people have been dead in two separate shootings at agricultural facilities in the City of Half Moon Bay in California of United States on Tuesday. This was the second mass shooting in three days. 

Four people have been found dead and a fifth is severely injured from a gunshot at one location and three others were found from miles away. 

According to the US Media Reports, Chinese workers were killed in the shootings and the suspect has been identified as Zhao Chunli, a 67-year-old. He shot his own workers before fleeing the scene.  Some workers at one facility lived on the premises and children may have witnessed this impactful shooting. AP Reported.

San Mateo County Sheriff from his official Twitter handle said, “Suspect is in custody and there is no community threat at this time.”

The gunman was taken into custody after he was found in his vehicle in the parking, at the sheriff’s custody. He was taken straight into and a weapon was recovered from his vehicle”

Here is a clip of his arrest showing police officers pinning him (in a red shirt) to the ground before taking him into custody.

The exact locations of the shootings have not been confirmed yet and the motive for the shooting is still under investigation.

 This incident took place just after a few days when a 72-year-old man killed 10 people at a Chinese New Year Event in Monterey Park, California. Police tracked his van and surrounded it. As the police officers approached the vehicle, they heard a gunshot.

According to Los Angeles Sheriff Robert Luna, “The suspect inflicted self-gunshot and was declared dead on the spot”


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