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Elon Musk Criticizes Covid Vaccines and says he felt like dying after taking second booster shot

Elon Musk Shared his experience of getting a second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine and says “he felt like dying” after his jab.

Keeping it short

  • Musk shared his experience of getting his Covid-19 vaccine booster dose. 
  • He felt like dyeing after taking the second dose.
  • “Hopefully, No permanent damage.” He added.

By Crox Media Desk: Elon Musk’s statements always make headlines. The Billionaire often takes social media to share their views on certain topics and issues. Recently, musk shared his experience of getting the second Covid vaccine shot and “felt like dying” after the second jab. 

Elon Musk Criticizes booster Shot 

While replying to a tweet about the side effects of COVID-19 vaccines, Musk wrote that he had major side effects after receiving his second shot.  “I had major severe effects from the second dose. I felt like dying for several days. Hopefully, there was no permanent damage” he wrote. 

When one asked musk why he took the first dose in the first place, the entrepreneur replied “was required to visit Tesla Giga Berlin. Not my Choice.

In another tweet, he added, “one of my cousins who was healthy, suffered a cardiac problem and had to visit the hospital”

Musk also revealed that he got infected with COVID before the vaccines were released and that earlier it was just a “mild cold” He then says the first vaccine didn’t have many side effects except his arm was briefly hurt and while the booster was okay, the second one “crushed him”

“I took vaccines at an early stage. Then J&J with no such bad effects, except my arm hurt briefly. The first mRNA booster was okay, but the other one crushed me” he wrote.

Musk to fire more employees?

A couple of days, there were reports surfaced on the Internet that Elon Musk might terminate more employees in the coming weeks. Reports suggest that Musk might layoff off employees from Twitter. However, other departments might also be affected. The company is also auctioning surplus office items in an attempt to reduce expenses. 


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