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Pak Minister on Peshawar Blast: We sowed the seeds of terrorism, worshippers not even in India

Pakistan Défense Minister Khawaja Asif, speaking in context to the Peshawar Blast said, we sowed the seeds of terrorism. And worshippers are not martyred in India or Israel but unfortunately, it happened in Pakistan. 

By Crox Media Desk:  Pakistan Défense Minister Khawaja Asif on Tuesday said his own country sowed the seeds of terrorism, Dawn Reported. The minister’s statement came a day after a massive explosion at a mosque in Peshawar which took 100 lives and left many injured as well. 

Around 300 to 400 policemen gathered for the afternoon prayers at the mosque on Monday, when the entire wall and most of the roof were blown off, showering rubble on officers. 

While speaking at the national assembly in Pakistan, Asif said, “I will not say anything but in brief, I will start, we sowed the seeds of terrorism”

Further, he said the suicide bomber who blew up the mosque premises in Peshawar was standing in front of Zuhr prayers. 

 He added “worshippers weren’t martyred during prayers in India or Israel, but this happened in Pakistan”

According to the report, Asif questioned who would be held accountable for the attack.

The minister said the entire nation needs to be against terrorism and only it could be fought. 

“Terrorism doesn’t differentiate any religion. It is done in the name of a religion and lives of precious people are taken away”. Dawn reported. 

Peshawar Mosque Blast

Meanwhile, the death toll to 100. Around 170 people were wounded in the explosion, which demolished the upper storey of the mosque as hundred worshipped noon prayers.

The blast was a well-planned revenge attack, a police chief was quoted by Reuters. 

For security reasons, the mosque was built to allow police to pray without leaving the area. 

No group had officially taken the responsibility for the attack.


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