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“Waheguru is watching,” a Row Erupts out over Kamal Nath’s attendance at a Sikh event in Indore

A row erupted over the Congress leader’s presence at a Sikh event in Indore. Singer Manpreet Singh Kanpuri slammed the organisers for inviting the former chief minister, who is accused of playing a role in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots.

Crox Media Group’s: A row erupted after Congress leader Kamal Nath was honoured at a Sikh event on Tuesday on the occasion of Guru Nanak Jayanti in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore. This angered a religious singer, Manpreet Singh Kanpuri, and he slammed the organisers over an invitation to Kamal Nath, accused of a role in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots in Delhi.

In a viral video, Kanpuri can be seen expressing his disapproval minutes after Kamal Nath left the premises. He also criticised the organisers of the event.

In a tweet, BJP leader Manjinder Singh Sirsa quoted, “At an event, Kamal Nath, who is accused of 1984 riots against the Sikhs, was felicitated by the Sikh Organization, knowing or unknowingly.” Manpreet Singh Kanpuri highly condemned the incident and swore that he would never come to Indore again. It shows the pain that we have been carrying for decades now. “But these criminals are moving freely and are even getting felicitated.”

He also added, “Bhai Manpreet Singh is a Kirtan singer, but he was also so pained to share his thoughts on the stage.” “I urge Congress to kindly suspend such leaders from the party, and the centre should complete the pending cases against Kamal Nath.”

As Kanpuri complained, an organiser named Kamal Nath was not given Kesari Sriopa ( SaffronRob),) but only ay moment keep him with the tradition. To this singer replied, I will never come to Indore again, Waheguru is watching.


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