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Twitter India employees logged out of their systems as Elon continues to fire people, many in distress and facing mental health issues

With Elon Musk continuing to fire people at Twitter, Twitter India employees have logged out of their systems ahead of the official announcement. Like every other Twitter office worldwide, the Twitter India office is a place of full chaos, with several employees currently in distress and facing mental health issues.

Keeping it Short

  • Twitter employees in India have been logged out of their systems.
  • The on-going chaos had left many in distress and crying.
  • Employees are waiting for the official announcement or email that would tell them about their job status.

By Crox Media Desk: Twitter’s India office is a place of total chaos and madness ahead of Elon Musk’s massive layoff. Several employees are in tears and distress on Friday morning as the social media company confirms that it will ask many of its employees to leave at the end of the day. A mail was sent to their system, so they might return home and wait for the email to another hit their mailbox. The mail that will tell the employees about their job status will be sent at 9:30 p.m., India time.

Following that email, many of the Twitter employees in India were logged out of their systems. Many others have logged out at the time of this writing. And they stated that they were not prepared for layoffs as an official announcement has yet to be made. Further, there was no communication leading up to the sackings, and they just informed each other of the same.

“We really acknowledge this as an incredible yet challenging experience, whether you are impacted or not,” read a memo sent to the employees hours ago. “Thank you for adhering to all the policies that prohibit you from revealing the same on social media or with the press.”

What really makes the email look really cruel and rude is its impersonal nature. The email is addressed to “team” and signed by “Twitter.” There is no name of Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, in the letter, and he is the liable person for these layoffs. The much-trending Twitter deal was closed at $44 million last week.

The memo doesn’t mention the number of employees to be affected. But several posts suggested that nearly 50 percent of employees are on the radar of this layoff. As of now, we are not sure whether Twitter India will be affected or not, but things don’t seem good as of now. The layoffs came a week after Elon Musk officially took charge. He never confirmed the layoffs. But he talked about the profitability of the social media platform.


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