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Man Orders MacBook Pro worth 1.20K and gets dog food instead

According to Apple Insider, Alan Wood of Derbyshire, UK ordered a MacBook pro from Amazon’s UK Store worth 1200 Pounds (INR,1,20,000), as a gift for her daughter.

Keeping it to the point

  • A man from the UK ordered MacBook Pro from amazon but didn’t get what he paid for. 
  • The customer was completely shocked when he found that he had been sent Five-pound dog food instead of the expensive laptop that he ordered. 
  • An amazon spokesperson told the publication that they have contacted the customer and they are issuing a full refund to him. 

By Crox Media Desk: A man from the UK ordered a MacBook Pro from Amazon but did not get what he paid for. He was shocked when he found that he got five pounds of dog food packed instead of an expensive MacBook Pro. This isn’t the first customer who got something else. A man from India ordered an iPhone from Flipkart and he got a detergent bar instead. But later on, he was given a full refund by the company. 

Wood reported that the package from Amazon Contained two boxes of pedigree consisting of 24 packets of “Mixed Selection in Jelly” flavours. You can imagine what my face would be when I opened my MacBook Pro,” said Wood. He further reported that the Amazon team was not helpful at all when he reported the incident. 

“Initially I was confident that this could be resolved very smoothly but after speaking with amazon customer service, they said they couldn’t help me. This was till I returned the laptop, which I never received, and even when I sent the dog food back to the warehouse, that too made no big difference” Wood revealed. 

He also alleged that he called the Amazon support system several times and spent 15 hours on calls and even escalated the issue at the managerial level but nothing worked in his favor. He said, “every conversation that I started ended up in saying they could not help him”.  He added, “I have been an amazon customer for over two decades and never had a problem with them earlier but this scenario was completely different and I’ve been treated that I made a mistake by ordering and this will let me rethink ordering again from amazon”. An Amazon spokesperson told the publication that they are in touch with the customer and will issue a full refund asap.


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