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“Impersonating accounts will be banned, and no name change will be allowed after the blue tick,” says Elon Musk for Twitter users.

The decision to ban accounts impersonating others came when many advertisers are pausing funds for running ads on Twitter and the US Midterm polls are just around the corner.

Keeping It to The Point

  • Advertisers are scared that misinformation might increase on Twitter in the coming days.
  • To stop misinformation, Elon Musk is taking all the necessary preventive measures.
  • Soon, Twitter will restrict accounts without warnings.

By Crox Media Group: Elon musk had taken to his Twitter account to announce that the social media platform would soon ban accounts that are impersonating each other if they don’t specify parody in their bios. The decision was announced earlier today after many accounts were found impersonating Musk and even US President Joe Biden as well. So, this would severely impact all users, including verified ones too. Twitter banned several verified accounts, such as Kathy Griffin (with over 2 million followers) and Indo-Australian Professor Ian Woolford, for mimicking a Tesla owner on the platform. Not only that, the new Twitter CEO also announced new measures to curb misinformation on the social media platform.

In a tweet, Musk said Twitter would now directly suspend the accounts without issuing any warning if they’re found impersonating others. Since the blue tick will be on the basis of subscription, there are more chances of misinformation on the platform, so to make it a safe place for users, this decision was taken by him. Musk says, “Any name change will cause a temporary loss of the verified checkmark.” This was after Kathy Griffin and Ian Woolford changed their names to “Elon Musk.”

Adding to that, this decision to ban accounts for impersonating was announced when many of the advertisers have paused funds for Twitter and the US Midterm polls are just around the corner. Advertisers fear that misinformation may increase on Twitter due to Elon’s decision to lay off 50 percent of his employees last week, and their ads can be really problematic. The fear is quite visible in countries like the US, where midterm elections will be held this week.

Musk also announced the “blue badge” or “verification mark” will be available to users who subscribe to its service. This subscription of $8 also includes features like edit and undo.


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