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IITian He relocated to Canada to work with Meta, but was fired just two days later

Meta fired 11,000 employees on Wednesday, as we all know, and Mark Zuckerberg said, “It is just 13% of his employees,” and he apologised as well for the same.

Keeping this short

  • Meta fired 11,000 employees on Wednesday, which is around 13 percent of his workforce.
  • CEO Mark Zuckerberg took full responsibility for the layoffs and said, “Sorry.”
  • The layoffs affected the market worldwide.

By Crox Media: In the last few days, many technical employees have lost their jobs due to massive layoffs at Meta and Twitter, not to mention that BYJUS, an ed tech company based out of Bengaluru, laid off many employees as well. Himanshu V, who recently moved from India to Canada and joined Meta, was unfortunately laid off in the recent layoffs.

Himanshu expressed his dismay on LinkedIn: “I relocated to Canada to join #meta and 2 days after joining. My journey came to an end amidst this massive layoff. “My heart goes out with everyone who is facing the situation right now,” he noted in his LinkedIn post. He also said that he is also open to software engineer roles in Canada and India. And he also added, “I have no idea where I will be heading next.” “Please notify me of any openings or hiring for a software engineer,” the post stated.

Meta fired 11,000 employees on Wednesday, which is around 13 percent of the company’s workforce. In an official blog post, Mark Zuckerberg said, “I want to take full accountability.” “I know it is tough for everyone, and I am sorry for all those who are impacted.”

Soon after the layoffs were announced Meta disabled the access of the affected employees for security reasons. “But we are keeping everyone’s mail active so that they can say farewell to everyone.” Zuckerberg said in an official blog post.

Meta announced that they provide expert immigration support to Indians and other foreign workers working out of their US offices. The job cuts affected HB1 Visa employees as well. Now these employees have only 60 days to find a job, and if they fail to do so, they will be forced to move back to their hometown.

“I know it is really difficult if you are on a working visa. They will serve a notice period before termination and some grace visa periods, which means everyone will have time to think about their immigration status. We have dedicated immigration specialists to help guide you at every stage. Zuckerberg told the Post.


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