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How to Avoid Injuries While Exercising? Follow these tips suggested by experts

Exercising can cause serious injuries if not done properly. The wrong way can cause muscle cramps, pill and dizziness.

Keep it short

  • Have any fruit 15 minutes before exercising. 
  • To prevent muscle pull, do warm-up exercises before you jump into weight training. 
  • Don’t force your body to exercise daily, give the body the rest it deserves. 

By Crox Media:  Exercising is the best to keep your body healthy but sometimes performing it in the wrong way can cause severe injuries that are beyond your thinking. Internal Injuries include the pull or strain of muscles if you don’t know ho prepare your body before a heavy workout. 

Celebrity Fitness Nutritionist Rujata Diwekar took to her Instagram to explain some easy ways to avoid injuries while exercising and what steps you can take to make your workout session the best one for you. 

Never Exercise on an Empty Stomach 

Most people tend to work out early in the morning without having breakfast or anything. Diwekar suggests eating a banana before hit up the gym. Working out empty stomach can cause dizziness and a lack of energy to do the exercise properly. 

Warm Up is important  If you want to avoid muscle pull, strain or cramps then you must do 10-12 minutes of warm-up exercise that involves cardio and Stretching exercises. “Let your muscles know about your day plan,” writes in the caption of her post Diwekar. Weight training gets easy when you properly warm up. 

No Same Exercise

Diwekar advises not to perform the same exercise every day, she said to try to add new exercises. “ Give your neuromuscular pathways a break.” If you have done yoga then go for walking tomorrow. If you have cardio today then add swimming the next day”

A Dy of Rest “ Don’t exercise every day you require a break of at least 1 day. Don’t push your body way too much. If you are exercising daily then make sure you are feeling pain while exercising.


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