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Elon Musk taking Fast Internet Services to Private Jets

SpaceX Founder and CEO have launched Starlink Aviation providing superfast in-flight Internet Connectivity to passengers flying in Private Jets. Not only that he had also revealed Monthly Internet plans for customers who require superfast internet while flying in private jets.

Keeping it Short

  • Elon Musk has announced Starlink Aviation to offer in-flight internet connectivity.
  • Starlink Aviation a venture of SpaceX will offer high-speed internet with a speed of up to 350mbps.
  • Early Reservation for the delivery of Starlink Aviation is now live for Private Jet operators.

SpaceX a good tech giant is launching its satellite internet service for all Private Jets. The service to be offered through this new venture will offer Superfast Internet with high speed through Starlink Hardware including its antenna, which will have to be installed in Jets. The man himself has even released the prices for the same.

Launching Starlink Aviation, SpaceX has announced its monthly plans for customers who want to access high-speed internet for professional purposes on Private Jet. The company will be charging between $12,500 (around 10.3 Lakh) to $25000 (this would be around 20.7 Lakh) a month for the broadband Internet service inside Jets. Along with this, Jet owners will have to pay a one-time amount for the hardware installation as well i.e. $150,000 (around INR 12,448, 401) to set up the hardware for airborne Internet Connectivity. 

According to the official website, Starlink Aviation will offer up to 350 Mbps to every plane allowing passengers to access high-speed internet for streaming or work while flying. 

SpaceX will commence the service of in-flight internet connectivity via Starlink Aviation in mid-2023. The reservations for Starlink Aviation are now live with a fee of $5000 (Around 4.1 Lakh) to the get connection.  But don’t forget to read this, this is eligible as of now for only selected aircraft that get Supplemental Type of Certificates (STCs)- issued by the Civil Aviation authorities when an applicant has received FAA approval to make changes in the aeronautical product from its Original one. The selected Aircraft list includes Global 6000, Challenger 350, Global 500 and a few more. Starlink Engineering will release the updated list for the aircraft soon.


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