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Elon Musk may fire more Twitter Employees today, this time would be sales superstars

According to a recent report that employees from Twitter sales or partnership may receive emails from today afternoon or may be in the evening.

Keep it short

  • Twitter now may target sales and partnership side of the business.
  • Musk recently fired half of the workforce in the first week ever since he took over twitter.
  • Last week, many engineers resigned from their post.

By Crox Media Desk:  Twitter new CEO or Owner Elon Musk is planning to fire more employees today, November 21 and this time he is targeting sales and partnership employees as per the report from Bloomberg. In the first week of formal Twitter Takeover. Musk fired nearly 8.5k employees. In the following weeks, he had laid off all the contractual employees and pushed for a stricter work culture. However, that backfired as result many engineers started resigning from Thursday. Twitter’s exact strength remains unclear as of now. It is estimated somewhere between 3000 to 5000.

The new report states that workers in the sales and partnership side of the company may start receiving emails from today afternoon or the evening. In some cases, employees may receive it later, but lose access to corporate email and messenger. Some managers that include Maggie Suniewick and Robin wheeler from the marketing team were laid off as they refused to fire employees from their respective teams. Suniewick’s and Wheeler’s Linkedin profiles shows twitter as their current employer.

Twitter has laid off the complete Communication team.

However, Twitter is not taking strict decisions in terms of employees and but also the features for the users. For instance, earlier the company announced that it would $8 for the verified accounts and users with Twitter Blue Plan- the company’s subscription will automatically get a badge on their profile.

Musk also wants Twitter to be torchbearer for free speech. Over weekend, he reinstated Donald Trump’s Twitter Account. Trump’s account suspended indefinitely for his tweets leading to capitol riots in 2021.


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