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Amazon has asked Indian employees to resign voluntarily and leave with monetary benefits by November 30

According to reports, several Indian Amazon employees plan to participate in the voluntary separation programme (VSP), which asks them to resign voluntarily rather than the company terminating their contract.

Keeping it short

  • Amazon had asked Indian employees to resign voluntarily.
  • Amazon fired nearly 10,000 this week, and more layoffs are expected in the near future.
  • If employees sign up for VSP (initiated by the company), they are eligible to get up to 22 weeks of base pay.

Crox Media Desk reports: Amazon had asked some Indian employees to resign voluntarily and receive monetary compensation. Amazon fired 10,000 employees this week, and more layoffs are planned in the near future. According to recent reports, several Indian employees have planned VSP before their contract with the company expires.

As per the reports, for the Amazon Layoff 2022, Indian employees working in the L1 to L7 band in Amazon’s experience and technology teams have received a note saying they are eligible for the Voluntary Separation Program. If the employees sign up, they will have to sign up by November 30th of this year. If they sign up before the said date, they are also eligible to get monetary benefits.

“The eligible candidates for VSP will have the opportunity to resign voluntarily from employment in exchange for the VSP benefits.” “Please do remember that all applications to participate in VSP must be received via Smart Forms no later than 6:30 a.m. Indian Standard Time on November 30, 2022,” the internal document revealed.

If the employees sign up for VSP, they are eligible to get 22 weeks of base pay. Plus, one week of base pay for every six months of service (which is rounded to six months) up to a maximum benefit of twenty weeks of paid severance. Along with that, the employees are also entitled to get medical insurance premiums in lieu.

On Wednesday, Amazon confirmed that it is parting ways with thousands of employees across departments, In an email to the employees, Amazon’s Vice President David Limp said that Amazon is merging teams. He also stated that those roles are no longer required by the company. To reduce the operational cost, the company is trimming the workforce.


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