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Amazon Confirms Cutting 18000 Jobs, CEO Andy Jassy claimed several teams would be impacted

Last Year in November 2022, Amazon laid off nearly 10,000. The Newest layoff round extends the numbers to 18000 now.

Keeping it short

  • Amazon confirmed this layoff in a blog post 
  • The company claimed that these developments internally, but someone leaked this info 
  • It is still unclear whether the Indian Workers at Amazon are impacted. 

By Crox Media Desk: Amazon’s current layoff will affect around 18000 roles, the e-commerce giant confirmed this via blog post. The next round of layoffs will affect the Amazon stores and PXT i.e. people, Experience, Technology, and HR) the company CEO Andy Jassy revealed in a blog post. The post notes Amazon typically communicates these outcomes internally and thought of addressing it in a public forum because the “teammates this information externally” The layoff process will begin on 18th January and CEO Andy revealed many teams would be impacted. 

 The post highlights that the company will provide support workers with packages that include a separation payment, and external job placement support. Amazon has not shared details about more roles that will be impacted this year. 

The post reads “We typically wait to communicate as one of our teammates leaked this information externally, so we decided to share this news earlier so you can share the details directly from me. We are going to communicate with impacted employees starting on January 18”

Amazon itself is not the only company that is taking such strict measures to cut costs amid rising inflation and an unstable economy. This all started with the laying off of over 3500 employees in late October following Elon Musk’s formal takeover. 


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