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TATA Punch beats Hyundai Exter in terms of volume, Check out last month’s sales.

As of the current market scenario, TATA Punch and Hyundai Exter are the most affordable SUVs in their respective fields. 

By Crox Times Desk:  TATA Punch continues to dominate the Micro-SUV segment with great numbers month after month. Meanwhile, Hyundai has doing quite well since its launch in July 2023 however, it has not been able to match the Indian brand in terms of volume. 

If we talk about sales in February 2024, the Punch garnered wholesales of over 18,000 units against 7,582 by the Exter. The punch is 10,000 units ahead of Exter. 

The volume drivers for TATA are Nexon and Punch. The two models play a very important role in the country’s automobile giant with more sales than Hyundai Motor India in February 2024. 

If we talk about combined sales TATA sold 51,267 Units during the month and Hyundai managed to sell over 50,000 units during this month. Alone Nexon sold over 14,000 units this month. 

The country’s most selling Mid-size SUV is priced between INR 6.13 Lakh and INR 10.20 Lakh (Ex-showroom Price) for the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE). For its electric version, it sits in the price bracket of INR 10.99 Lakh to INR 15.49 Lakh. 

The Hyundai Exter sits in the price bracket of INR 6.13 Lakh to INR 16.28 Lakh. However, it won the Indian Car of the Year 2024 award. 


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