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Top 8 SUV Sports Cars in India

The best SUV Sports comes with big style, power, and functionality. Unlike regular cars, Luxury SUVs draw special attention to comfort, safety, and quality rides. With premium features, Sports SUV Cars in India come under a premium price bracket. This is because most of these cars are imported and there is a heavy import tax levied.

Sports SUV cars in India are truly class apart and the features associated with them grab the car lover’s attention way too quickly. In this blog from the experts at the CROX Times, we are going to explore the Best SUV Sports Cars. So, buckle up, and let’s dive into the world of grabbing Sports SUV Cars in India.

SUV Sports Cars in India

Lamborghini Urus

Lamborghini Urus
Lamborghini Urus

Is it a sports SUV India? Well, the Lamborghini Urus is actually a sports car that doubles up as an SUV. The Urus is an SUV that will surprise you with its power-packed performance. Right at first glance, you will notice sharp lines and muscular angles all at the exterior. With huge 24-inch wheels give the urus, a dominating personality with spoke alloys that add to the robustness of the side profile. The rear of the Urus is a typical Lamborghini sports SUV featuring all your desired features and specifications.

Talking about the interiors of the car, the Urus is a car where you can feel the luxury of Lamborghini Heritage. Enter the driver’s seat and you will be greeted with a cockpit-style layout of instruments with minimal buttons. The Center console consists of larger two screens to dish out information and entertainment.

The Urus features a massive 4.0 Litre twin turbo V8 Engine that achieves 0-100 in just a fraction of 3.8 Seconds. The two variants i.e., Lamborghini Urus V8 and Lamborghini Urus Pearl Capsule are priced at INR 3.15 Crore and INR 3.43 Crore respectively.

Key Specifications and features of Lamborghini Urus

  • All wheel drives
  • All Wheel Driving
  • Six driving modes
  • 4.0 Litre, twin-turbo engine
  • 8-speed ZF 8HP automatic transmission
  • 641 bhp power
  • 850 NM Torque
  • Leather seats
  • 21 Speaker and Olufsen speakers
  • Semi-Autonomous

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Mercedes Benz GLS

Mercedes Benz GLS
Mercedes Benz GLS

There are very few cars that come closer to this Mercedes Benz GLS, a blend of power, sophistication, and most importantly luxury associated with it. The GLS unlike its siblings’s taller and quite wider in terms of length. The GLS borrows its front-line designs from GLE however, the Mercedes GLS is a unique vehicle altogether. The whole vehicle will provide you with an appearance like a road tank and command an effortless road presence and build.

Talking about of Mercedes Benz GLS boasts 3 rows of seats that can seat 7 people and a boot This certainly gives you an idea of the space and the Size that GLS has. The GLS also sports a massive MID until that extends from the driver’s cockpit to the middle of the dashboard.

The SUV Sports car comes with three engine options- a 2925cc diesel engine and massive 2999 cc and 3982cc petrol engines. The three variants Mercedes GLS 400d 4Matic, GLS 450 4Matic, and GLS Maybach 600 4Matic are INR 1.16 Crore, INR 1.18 Crore, INR 2.47 Crore.

Key Specifications and Features of Mercedes Benz GLS

  • Fully-variable all-wheel drive and low-range transmission
  • Torque on demand
  • Low-range off-road gearbox
  • Dynamic Select programs
  • 3 Engine Options- 3.0 L Diesel I 3.0 and 4.0 Litre Petrol Engines
  • 0-100 in just 4.9 seconds

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Audi RS Q8

Audi RS Q8
Audi RS Q8

Looking for a lean Sports SUV in India then Audi RS Q8 is a perfect choice for you. The RS Q8 is a big SUV, but it is superb looks take away all your stress. The Strong and Sturdy Shoulders with Sharp headlamps make the RS Q8 look like it means business and it does.

The interiors are elegant too and what makes stand out is its cockpit or the driver’s seat. The RS Q8 has an instrument cluster, which is fully touch-enabled. Carbon fiber inserts on the dashboard with sleek and straight lines along with the centre console ooze luxury.

If the Audi RS Q8 Interior and exterior impresses you, then the engine will blow your mind. The Performance of the Audi RS Q8 is often compared to the Lamborghini Urus which shares the same platform. The Audi RS Q8 is priced at INR 2.17 Crore.

Key Specifications and Features of Audi RS Q8

  • All-wheel steering
  • 4.0 Litre V8 TSFI Engine
  • 8-speed automatic transmission
  • Mild hybrid system
  • 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds
  • 800 Nm of torque
  • 600bhp power
  • Heated Mirrors
  • 4-zone climate control system
  • Ambient lighting

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Gigantic and Massive are two words that explain BMW X7. The 6-seater from German Carmaker with its distinctive BMW Grille and razor-sharp headlights to behold gives the SUV all-new different looks. The side profile with stance and sleek lines gives X7 a dynamic appearance. The rear of the car is as beautiful as the front and provides the necessary boot and seating space.

When it comes interiors of this SUV Sports Car, the interiors are classy and the last row has spacious and comfortable seats, while the middle rows give a much more luxurious feel with caption seats. The front seats are so damn luxurious. They are ventilated and can give much-needed massage whenever required. The cockpit is fully tech-loaded which is quite evident in its customizable digital instrument cluster. The MID on the centre console enables various functions that can be activated with a touch.

The X7 has two engines, the 40i 3.0 Litre and the 30d which is a 3.0 litre diesel engine and has 8-speed auto transmission. The BMW X7 comes in three variants i.e. XDrive30d DPE Signature, XDrive40i, and M50d i.e. INR 1.18 Crore, INR 1.19 Crore, and INR 1.78 Crore respectively.

Key Features and Specifications of BMW X7

  • Air Suspension with damper control
  • Launch Control Function
  • Adaptive 2-axle air suspension
  • Automatic Differential Brake (ADB-X)
  • Cruise Control with braking function
  • 8-speed Steptronic Sport transmission
  • Cruise control with braking function

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Jaguar F-Pace

Jaguar F-Pace
Jaguar F-Pace

You get the chance to witness British Heritage on Indian Roads. That’s what the Jaguar F-Pace is all about. The F-pace looks very beautiful and aggressive all at the same time. The side profile is clean with one sleek line going through it and a neatly integrated side vent with chrome accent looks classy.

The interior and exterior of the car are classy and kind of old-school. The cockpit has a touch of elegance and is complete with leather and aluminum. The instrument cluster can be modified according to your preferences, while MID can be used for multipurpose functions. The rear is equally quite comfortable- there are dedicated rear AC Vents, which are complete with USB-C sockets to charge your phone.

The Jaguar F Pace has 2.0 Litre petrol engines and these are mated with 8-speed automatic transmission. The three variants of Jaguar F Pace are F-Pace 2.0 R Dynamic S, F-Pace 2.0 R Dynamic S Diesel i.e. INR 74.88 Lakh, INR 74.88 Lakh and INR 1.51 Crore.

Key Features and Specifications of Jaguar F Pace

  • 4 Drive Modes
  • 5-speed auto transmission
  • Air Purifier
  • Electric Seats
  • Panoramic Sunroof
  • Driver Seat Memory
  • Wireless Phone Charger

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Jeep Rubicon Wrangler

Jeep Rubicon Wrangler
Jeep Rubicon Wrangler

The Jeep Rubicon is a true SUV known for its superb build quality and off-roading but do you know it is an excellent choice when it comes to SUV Sports Cars.

The doors of the Jeep Rubicon Wrangler are removable and can be detached for thorough washing after a long and hectic off-riding. Not only does this Jeep Rubicon Wrangler come with all the goodies like electronically locking doors, and rear differentials but it can glide over big obstacles with ease. All in the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is at its home when there are no roads.

The Jeep Rubicon Wrangler has a humble yet powerful 2.0 Litre 268 bhp engine with 8-speed auto transmission that does the job off-roading with quite ease. There is nothing wrong in saying that it is the most suitable off-roading and Sports SUV on the planet Earth. The car comes with two variants Wrangler Unlimited and Wrangler Rubicon priced at INR 56.35 Lakh and INR 60.35 Lakh.

Key Features and Specifications of Jeep Rubicon Wrangler

  • Duty Full-time 4X4 Driving Modes
  • Heavy Duty Gas Suspension
  • 2.0 Litre Petrol Engine
  • 268bhp power
  • 400 NM torque
  • 4 Wheel Disc Brakes

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Porsche Cayenne Coupe

Porsche Cayenne Coupe
Porsche Cayenne Coupe

Beauty, style, and power are three words that explain the Porsche Cayenne Coupe. The Porsche Cayenne has a similar roof and design to the Porsche 911 making it a desirable SUV Sports Car. Like Porsche Cayenne is a car that would grab your attention way more quickly than you think. Right from its exterior, the front side is quite impressive and the rear side will surely grab your eyes swiftly.
On the inside of Porsche Cayenne Coupe, pampers with its super comfy front and rear seats and the stylish cabin complete with a panoramic sunroof giving you a spacious feeling. The car comes in different variants such as Porsche Cayenne Coupe V6, Cayenne Coupe Platinum Edition, Cayenne Coupe GTS Coupe, E-Hybrid Platinum Edition, and Cayenne Coupe V6 Turbo pricing at ₹1.35 crore, ₹1.48 crore, ₹1.76 crore, ₹1.89 crore, ₹1.98 crore and Cayenne Coupe Turbo GT at ₹2.57 crore.

Key Specifications and features of Porsche Cayenne Coupe

  • Four Wheel Drive
  • Steered Rear Axle
  • Porsche 4D Chassis Control
  • Porsche Traction Management (PTM)
  • 8-Speed Tiptronic Automatic Transmission
  • Cruise Control

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Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender
Land Rover Defender

Want a complete Sports SUV Car for your family? Well, the Land Rover Defender is the one you must add to the garage. It is boxy and beautiful and has a square-jawed grille that would put the toughest masculine jawlines to shame.

On the inside of the Defender, it is luxurious, be it the rear passenger seats or the powered front one’s comfort is what the Defender is made for. The Cockpit is informative and can be customized as per needs, while the MID on the centre console gives you every detail about off-roading and apart from entertaining you.

The Defender offers two petrol engines 2 litre petrol and a 3.0 petrol engine along with an 8-speed manual transmission.

Land Rover Defender Petrol Variants

Price (Ex-Showroom)

Defender 90- ₹80.72 Lakh – ₹87.89 Lakh

Defender 110- ₹82.25 Lakh – ₹93.53 Lakh

Defender 90 X-Dynamic- ₹83.38 Lakh – ₹86.92 Lakh

Defender 3.0 90 X-Dynamic- ₹86.92 Lakh – ₹96.92 Lakh

Defender 110 X-Dynamic- ₹88.77 Lakh – ₹96.17 Lakh

Defender 3.0 90- ₹90.64 Lakh – ₹94.46 Lakh

Defender 3.0 90 XS Edition- ₹96.74 Lakh

Land Rover Defender Diesel Variants

Price (Ex-Showroom)

Defender 3.0 Diesel 90- ₹1.04 crore – ₹1.07 crore

Defender 3.0 Diesel 110- ₹1.05 crore – ₹1.09 crore

Defender 3.0 Diesel 90 X-Dynamic HSE- ₹1.11 crore

Defender 3.0 Diesel 110 X-Dynamic HSE- ₹1.12 crore

Defender 3.0 Diesel 90 X- ₹1.19 crore

Defender 3.0 Diesel 110 X- ₹1.19 crore

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Final Words

If you are someone who is looking for Sports SUV Cars to rule the roads like a king then this article is just for you. And make sure you check all the parameters before making any final decision.

Do let us know which one is your favorite.


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