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Spotify Premium is available at Rs 2, but there is a catch in between. Read the complete story here

Spotify is offering premium benefits wherein you can listen to music ad-free and download it and add them to your playlist as well. However, the company is offering it at just Rs 2 by completing this small challenge.

Keeping it to the point

  • Spotify announced a new reward program for its Asian customers
  • This new feature is rolling out in India First. 
  • Spotify is also adding a section in the app to reward its new users 

By Crox Media Desk:  Spotify has announced a new reward for its Indian users ahead of the festive season, the audio streaming app is offering a brand new premium mini planning starting at just Rs 2 per week. Premium users will be able to access Spotify premium services, which include free streaming of songs without ads as well. Spotify is also updating its app with a new rewards button right at the bottom with three sections, Challenge, Rewards, and Help. 

The Product Manager at Spotify, Szymon Kopec announced the new offer on Twitter. He shared the new feature that will be rolled out for the Asians starting from India. He wrote, “After months of development and testing, the Spotify team developed Asia in Mind: Reward Program. Starting rolling out from India and one of the premium plans: Premium Mini, just check it out and let me know what you think of this.”

How to get Spotify Premium at Rs 2?

The general cost of mini–Spotify Premium in India is Rs 7 per day, Rs 25 per week. But with the new offer, if users complete the challenge, they would avail of Spotify Premium at just Rs 2 for a week. To avail of the offer users will have to premium for any 10 days in the next 30 days. To get your premium, you can follow these easy steps. 

  • Open your Spotify account 
  • Tap on the settings> Account
  • Now purchase the mini-Spotify plan for one day for Rs 7 or the seven-day plan for Rs 25. 
  • Notably, you have to recharge it every day if you buy a Rs 7 plan to use Spotify premium for 10 days. Similarly, you have to repeat the recharge of Rs 25 after one week to finish the challenge for 10 days for premium mini-use. 
  • After 10 days, Spotify will offer a premium mini subscription of Rs 7 to get it for Rs 2. 
  • The mini-subscription plan is limited to one device only. 

Current Spotify Premium Plans in India

There is a list of Spotify Premium Plans available in India. 

  • Individual Plan- This plan offers one account premium access at Rs 117.
  • DUO-  This is available for Rs 149 and two users can access the account. 
  • Premium Family: This is available for Rs 179 a month, and this plan offers you to share it with up to 6 users. 
  • Premium Student- This is for the college student. By uploading their student ID, they can avail of the premium at just Rs 59. 

How to get a free subscription to Spotify Premium?

If you are using Spotify free and haven’t subscribed to any premium plans, then you can get a premium plan free for 3 months. All you have to do is purchase the Individual plan and your invoice would be zero but after 3 months you can continue it at regular rates or even cancel the subscription as well.


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