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Kanye West stated Elon Musk was “Half Chinese” after suspension. Twitter CEO Reacts

After Kanye West Twitter Account was suspended, Kanye West took a dig at Twitter’s CEO and called him Half- Chinese. Read the complete story here.

Keeping it to the point 

  • Kanye West took shorts at Elon Musk after his account was suspended. 
  • Ye wrote, “Am I the only one on this planet who thinks Elon Musk is Half Chinese?”
  • Later, he meant that it was just a compliment. 

By Crox Media Desk:  After Kanye West, now called Ye was suspended from Twitter the social media platform’s new CEO Elon Musk revealed that West had violated our rule against violence. 

Following this Kanye West, took his Instagram and took a dig at Musk by calling him “Half-Chinese”. He wrote, “Am I the only one thinks who likes that? Have you guys seen his Childhood Pics?

He added “Take a Chinese Genius and mate them with a beautiful African model and we have our own Elon. And I say an Elon because they have made around 10 to 30s Elon and he’s the first genetic hybrid that actually stuck. Let’s forget about Elon”

He ended the post with, “ I am sorry for using such curse words in the church but I don’t have any other word for Obama. Let’s Unify and LUAFO”

Meanwhile, In the caption, the American Rapper referred to himself as the Future President of the United States and wrote, “on Jay-z’s birthday future President of the United States Ye uses Mark Zuckerberg’s platform to conduct a massive investigation of Elon’s Childhood pics in amidst of Balenciagagate, I call this theory of everything problem solve Praise God”

Elon reacted and Said, “I take it as a compliment”. The Rapper wrote “ It was just a compliment”

Kanye’s account was suspended after he tweeted the image of Nazi Swastika intertwined with a campaign logo of the Star of David.  Before this, the rapper had to face severe consequences due to his Semitic remarks that cost him partnerships with several brands like Adidas, GAP and Balenciaga.


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