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How Much Electric Car Charging Cost in India?

The future of transportation is completely revamped. All thanks to the introduction of electronic vehicles. And whenever there is a hike in petrol prices or global warming issues is addressed, the answer to that question is electric vehicles to get control over the situation. 

And if you are someone who is willing to purchase an electric car and looking for the answer to the question how much electric car charging cost Then let us tell you this article from the experts at Crox Media will fetch the pricing and structuring of EV charging. So, make sure you read this one till the end. 

How Much Electric Car Charging Cost


  1. Currently, car companies are working on enhancing the range of electric vehicles. 
  2. The lack of sufficient charging stations is still a big question in front of the government 
  3. The Central Government is working on plans to make people switch to EVs instead of petrol and diesel cars. 

Electric Vehicles are still a work in progress, despite multiple different car companies entering various segments of the EV in India, Considerable capital invested in the field, and execution plans. The problem is its high price which is still a challenge for the general public. And some are still confused regarding how much electric car charging cost?

Different Methods of Charging 

Firstly, there are two methods of charging when it comes to EVs. The perk of having an electric vehicle is that you can charge it from anywhere. You can charge it at your home if you have street parking and a dedicated charger for your EV. This is very convenient especially if you need to charge your vehicle at Night. An EV can take anything from 40 minutes to 7-8 hours to charge up to 90 percent, depending on your model, How big the battery is, and how efficient the charging port is. Rapid chargers on the hand can cut this time down to just about 20-30 minutes. 

Cost of Charging 

The battery capacity for normal EVs is generally between 20 and 40 KWH for most EVs in India. Suppose you charge an electric vehicle at your home. In that case the cost of charging depends on the per unit cost of electricity, the commercial charging runs from Rs 8 to 10 Per Unit whereas the domestic falls between Rs 2-9 Units. This implies to the changing station will cost you anywhere between Rs 100-200 while charging at home will cost Rs 180-500. 

Finding Nearby Charging Stations 

India does not have a widespread network of charging stations for electric vehicles. On the other hand, EV manufacturers have promised to construct a large charging network in near future. Thanks to several charging station apps, finding a nearby EV charging station is not a task anymore. 

Charging EVs may seem a little costly but they are still better than petrol and Diesel variant vehicles. EV is the future of transportation in the country. And if you are someone who is looking for a mileage EV car in your budget then you can read this 

In case you are looking for EV SUVs, Then you can check this one out- Top 5 Best EV Cars Under 10 lakhs

Final Words

Now you have got the answer to the how much electric car Charging cost, it seems a bit costlier but it will helps in sustainable development. 

Frequently Asked Questions Related to How Much Electric Car Charging Cost

How much does it cost to full charge electric car?

The average cost of charging a electric car at the charging station comes between 100-200 INR and at home it goes around 180-500 INR

How much does it cost to charge an electric car at a charging station

As compared to homes the cost of charging an electric car at the charging station is comparatively low, it comes between 100-200 INR

Is charging an electric car cheap?

Electric Car Charging seems a bit costlier than other vehicles but It is certainly the future of transportation in India. 


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