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Google HR loses Job while interviewing a candidate, and revealed the call got disconnected all of sudden

A recruiter from the tech giant, was in the middle of an interview call when the call got disconnected all of sudden.

Keeping it to the point

  • Google layoffs impacted over 12000 employees 
  • A Google HR was fired from the company when the call got disconnected with a potential candidate was. 
  • Ryan said soon after that he lost access to the company’s website, and his email was also blocked. 

By Crox Media Desk: Google Layoffs had impacted over 12,000 employees. Some of the employees revealed that they didn’t see it coming and it is quite surprising as well. An employee that found he was laid off is not able to access his official account. A similar incident took when Ryan a recruiter from Google was blocked from the company’s account when his call with a potential candidate was suddenly disconnected. Google layoffs plans are so certain that people in the recruiting department had no idea about the company’s shocking move. 

Dan Lanigan Ryan, a recruiter at Google told Business Insider that his call got disconnected when he was interviewing a potential candidate. He revealed that he tried his best to log in to an internal company’s website but he failed to do same. He is not the only one who is facing this issue. Other members of the company also faced the same and their managers dismissed the concern by stating it as a “technical problem” until they receive a mail about the layoff. 

Ryan said soon after he lost access to the company website, his official email was blocked too, and then his call with the candidate was dropped. And then he said, “I was blocked from everywhere and then 15-20 minutes later I saw that Google announced 12000 layoffs”

Ryan had written a long post on LinkedIn about his layoff. He revealed it was his dream job to work for Google. But his dream was impacted amidst these layoffs.

Google Laid off 12,000 employees across multiple departments. The Company’s CEO Sundar Pichai took responsibility for the layoffs and promised to support the employees who got impacted by the same.


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