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Freddy Movie Review: Karthik’s Performance is the Highlight of the Film

Freddy is dark and twisted and if want to see a different side of Karthik Aryan then this one is only for you. Read the complete review here.

Keeping this one short 

  • Freddy is starring Karthik Aryan and Alaya F. 
  • It started on December 2 on Disney+ Hotstar. 
  • Freddy is directed by Shashanka Ghosh. 

By Crox Media Desk: He has the mind of Dexter and walks like Norman Bates. Dr Freddy Ginawala (Karthik Aryan) is not your ordinary dentist. He is extremely awkward, introverted and low on self-confidence, especially with the girls. He is a social outcast until the day he met Kainaaz (Alaya F). This is when everything changes. Director Shashanka Ghosh uses every shade of grey in his cinematic canvas to paint a Cryptic side. Right from the starting to the climax, you can sense suspense. Things get a little interesting when Freddy tries to woo Kainaaz and plot ways to prove his love for her, this is when we realize Freddy has his mind more than just an extracting tooth. 

Freddy sets to be a Phycological Thriller and it does have a lot early on. It has a dark, unpredictable character lying on the Fragile shoulders of its lead actor- Karthik Aryan, If Karthik fumbles so do Freddy. Everything from the first glimpse that makes the first date uncomfortable to his walk and the way he tucks in his shirt is calculated like an algorithm to make Freddy a great seducer who wants all your attention. That’s where Ghosh succeeds in making Freddy the centrepiece of this loosely put-together puzzle. The background score to the peripheral characters who play an important part in Freddy’s journey. 

Freddy’s Flaw is that it doesn’t feel dark enough. There are scenes where you feel like writers held themselves back from going out. Perhaps the weight of one actor was too much or the writers didn’t know where to take the story. The Climax is quite predictable and feels a bit lazy and rushed. Despite the hiccups, the film works because of its lead actor who makes a brave choice of turning the tables on his lover boy image and taking a career in this reign of the box office.

Freddy is dark and twisted. You can watch it if you want to see the different sides of Karthik Aryan. You might not like Freddy but you will surely discuss it after watching.


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