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Elon Musk has a new job opening in Twitter but you should be foolish enough to apply for it. Read the complete story here.

The Twitter CEO conducted a poll on Twitter wanting to know if he should step down from his position and the poll suggested that he should resign.

Keeping it short

  • Twitter head has a new opening for his twitter but he only requires foolish people to apply for it. 
  • He said he will step down only on one condition if he finds someone who is more foolish. 
  • Musk is currently serving as the interim CEO of the company but plans to leave as it if finds someone capable. 

By Crox Media Desk: Twitter’s new boss Elon Musk conducted a poll on his Twitter handle on whether he should resign from his post or not. The poll results were as expected that he should resign as soon as possible. However, he blamed the bots for lower votes in his favor. In a separate tweet, he revealed he will step down only under one condition if he finds someone more foolish that can take up the role. 

So, the opening that musk has for you is Twitter’s CEO. And he is currently acting as the interim CEO of the company but plans to leave the role if finds someone foolish to take it up. He said, “I will probably resign as soon as I will find the right candidate for it. And I will run the software and servers’ team for Twitter”.

The results of the poll didn’t go in his favor. Musk thought his claims about making twitter a free speech platform that will fetch him more votes but most of the users want to him step down as the CEO.

According to the poll, nearly 57.5 percent of votes were against him and around 42.5 percent of votes wants him to remain the CEO of the platform. Soon, after the results went out, he said he will take the poll once again but this only verified users will be able to vote in this poll. 

Since Musk did not abide by the results, a user who goes by the name kimdotcom suggested it was really “unwise” to take up a poll like this. Another voter suggests only blue subscribers should be allowed to cast their vote in such polls. Replying to that Musk said, “Good Point, Twitter will make a change to that”.

For those who are not aware, Indian-origin CEO Parag Agarwal was fired after Elon’s takeover.


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