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The EVs of the Future

The Design and technological aspects of EVs can amaze you and leave you speechless. 

By Crox Times Desk: While it has taken Internal combustion engine (ICE) cars all of 150 years to get to the current stage of development while EV development is still infancy. Even though the EV was at an early stage before it made its appearance in the ICE Vehicle, the rapid development and practicality of the ICE vehicle Meant that EVs would fade very soon. Actually, the real EV revolution started just a decade back as the vehicles like Nissan Leaf followed by EVs from brands from BMW, Tesla, and many others. 

Now after a decade, and a half of rapid development on EVs global firms devoting most of their time to Research and development. The question still remains what would be the shape or form of electric motors or the digital experience or the storage of electricity? 

Talking about the design, and how vehicles will be looking like. Some portray it as similar to ICE vehicles. Some are thinking out of the box and practical while some are going for those same classic designs.

The hardware that is going to run these cars is getting more powerful with many companies planning to equip each car with some computing powers. The driving system is just going to be on the next level and the driver will have the option to create its own reality inside the cockpit of the car and infotainment will be just surpassing your expectations. 

Are you ready to dive into a new era of design and vehicles? Do drop your thoughts on this.


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