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8 Best TATA Sedan Cars| Price | Specifications

The TATA Motors journey is remarkable and no doubt the company had a roller coaster ride, it is full of setbacks, innovations, and success. But no matter what, the company had never compromised its standards, and safety which are by far most the important elements whenever you are planning to buy a car. And talking about TATA Cars we can deny Tata Sedan cars in India.

In this blog of The Crox Times, we are going to explore Tata Sedan Car List that you can have in your garage.

8 Best Tata Sedan Cars

Tata Tiago

Tata Tiago
Tata Tiago

The car was launched back in 2016 we talk about Tata’s Modern lineup. The stylish hatchback is no doubt India’s best-selling car and it has every trait of an ideal urban hatchback such as attractiveness. Not only that Tata Tiago’s 4-star G-NCAP rating ensures that you are in a safe and quality vehicle.

Different Variants in Tata Tiago

The different variants of Tata Tiago are Tata Tiago XZ+ CNG is priced at INR 7.73 Lakh- INR 7.82 lakh. And if we talk about the petrol variants then the XZ/XZA variants suit you well, and it’s available in manual as well as automatic transmission. The price of petrol variants goes between 6.83-7.47 Lakhs.

Key Specifications of Tata Tiago

  • Engine: 1.2 Litre Petrol I 1.2 Petrol engine with CNG Kit
  • Transmission- 5-speed manual Gearbox and AMT
  • Mileage: 20 KM/L for petrol and for CNG it is 26km/kg
  • Airbags: Dual Front Airbags
  • Fuel Type: Petrol and CNG
  • Seating Capacity- 5
  • Seven-inch touchscreen infotainment system
  • 8-speaker Harman Sound System

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Tata Punch

Tata Punch
Tata Punch

Tata Punch is no doubt has been a success ever since the car was launched and has sold over 1 Lakh units in just 10 months. The Compact SUV from TATA bags 5-star G- NCAP with the best score, becoming the safest car in India. While TATA Punch is smaller than its rivals, it brings multiple features that attract customers. If we talk about the ground clearance, it is up to 187mm and that lets drivers overcome speed-breakers and path holes with ease.

Different Variants of TATA Punch

The TATA Punch Accomplished is the best value-for-money variant and is priced between INR 7.50 Lakh- INR 8.10 Lakh (Ex-showroom). If we talk about the features, it provides you 7.0-inch Harman infotainment system, rearview camera, and among others.

Key Specifications of TATA Punch

  • Engine: 1.2 Petrol
  • Transmission- 5-speed manual gearbox and AMT
  • Mileage- 18.97 kmpl
  • Airbags- Dual Front Airbags
  • Body Type- Compact Sedan
  • Connected Car Technology
  • Semi digital Cluster

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TATA Tigor

TATA Tigor
TATA Tigor

With Tata Tigor, Tata has once again dominated the Sedan market becoming a fine recipient of style, comfort, and budget. The Indian Compact Sedan looks quite stunning with its fastback design. Not only that TATA Tigor is absolutely stunning with its unique fastback design and the compact Sedan is quite comfortable for Five Passengers. And above all, if talk about the safety of the car, it comes with an attractive 4-Star G-NCAP making it the most desirable Tata Sedan among all car lovers and enthusiasts.

Different Variants of TATA Tigor

The Top variant of the car is the best-selling one which is the XZ Plus variant and it is available in both CNG and Petrol variants. The automatic and manual transmission costs you between INR 7.60 lakh and INR 8.20 Lakh, on the other hand, the CNG XZ plus variant is available with the manual gearbox only. That costs around INR 8.50 Lakh. If we talk about the features of the car it comes with Projector headlamps, a rear camera, and a 7-inch infotainment system and among others.

Key Specifications and Features of TATA Tigor

  • Engine: 1.2 Petrol I 1.2 Petrol Engine with CNG Kit
  • Transmission- 5-speed manual gearbox and 5-speed AMT
  • Mileage- 19.2 km/l for the petrol version and 26.4 km/kg for CNG
  • Fuel Type: Petrol/CNG
  • Seating Capacity- 5
  • Seven-inch touchscreen infotainment system
  • Projector headlamps
  • Digital Instrument Cluster

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Tata Altroz

Tata Altroz
Tata Altroz

It is undoubtedly the safest premium hatchback in India, TATA Altroz is a desire for every sports car lover. If we are talking about the safety of the vehicle then how can we forget it bagged 5 Star G-NCAP Rating with fabulous interiors and it is quite comfortable for the 5 passengers. Tata also offers a variety of customization options via add-on packages.

Different variants of TATA Altroz

The petrol variant of TATA Altroz i.e., XT comes with manual and automatic transmission and will cost INR 7.70 Lakh to 8.80 lakh (Ex-showroom price). The turbo XT variant costs 8.25 Lakh (Ex-showroom Price) while the diesel variant Altroz XT is priced between INR 8.90 Lakh. The features that TATA Altroz brings to the table include touchscreen infotainment, cruise control, and among others

Key Specifications and Features of TATA Altroz

  • Engine: 1.2 Litre Petrol I 1.2 Litre Petrol turbo and 1.2 Litre Diesel
  • Transmission- 5-Speed manual gearbox and AMT
  • Mileage: 18.5 km/l for petrol and diesel 23km/l
  • Seating Capacity: 5
  • Cruise Control
  • Connected Car Technology

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Tata Nexon

Tata Nexon
Tata Nexon

The Tata Nexon remains top selling Sedan SUV every month. The muscular aesthetics and quite appealing styling of Nexon make it desirable for every car lover out there. While the Indian compact SUV is spacious for 5 passengers and it has multiple features that facilitate maximum comfort and convivence. What’s more, the Tata Nexon has scored a 5-star rating on the G-NCAP Safety Test, ensuring safe travel.

Different Variants of TATA Nexon

  • Engine: 1.2 Litre Turbo Petrol I 1.5 turbo petrol
  • Transmission: 6-speed Manual gearbox and AMT
  • Mileage: 17.5 Kmpl for petrol and 21.1 Km/l for diesel
  • Seating Capacity- 5
  • Body Type: Compact SUV
  • Seven-inch touchscreen infotainment system
  • Ventilated front seats

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Tata Harrier

Tata Harrier
Tata Harrier

Thanks to its majestic looks, TATA Harrier is one of the most beautiful cars in India. The Indian mid-size SUV is built on Land Rover’s platform which enhances safety and commanding presence on roads. Since it has dimensions and wheelbase the same as TATA Safari. The TATA Safari offers loads of space and comfort for five passengers and an attractive abundance of upmarket features that include a Panoramic sunroof, and 9 Speaker JBL sound system among others.

Different variants of TATA Harrier

The TATA Harrier is a money-worth package and is priced at INR 17.21 Lakh (ex-showroom) with manual transmission and INR 18.51 Lakh with automatic transmission. If we talk about the feature list it comes with a panoramic sunroof, auto headlamps, a 7-inch screen infotainment system connected with a 6-speaker JBL System and among others.

Key Specifications of TATA Harrier

  • Engine- 2-litre diesel
  • Mileage- 14.-16kmpl
  • Seating Capacity- 5
  • Body Type- Mid-SUV
  • Panoramic Sunroof
  • 8-way power adjustable driver seat
  • Airbags: Upto Six

TATA Safari

TATA Safari
TATA Safari

The TATA Safari is the most premium and oldest member of the TATA Family. The customers have more reliability on this car than any other since the car managed to gain the confidence of car lovers for over a decade now. With the modern flagship, the TATA Safari is loaded with every possible premium feature such as a panoramic sunroof, 9-speaker JBL System, and ventilated front and rear seats. With such a lengthy list of features, the car is quite comfortable for 6-7 passengers.

Different Variants of TATA Safari

The TATA Safari XT Plus variant is the selling variant that would cost you around INR 19.10 lakh with manual transmission and 20.10 lakh with automatic transmission. And features list goes like this, panoramic sunroof, tire pressure monitoring, automatic climate control, air purifier, and among others.

TATA Curvv

TATA Curvv
TATA Curvv

This is an upcoming sedan from TATA which was showcased back in April 2022 with Gen 2 and Gen 3 Architecture. This concept will certainly change the customer’s outlook towards sedan vehicles. If we talk about the price of the car, it is expected to be between INR 10 Lakh to 20 Lakh.

The Company is offering the vehicle in both petrol and diesel variants and it is expected to begin production in 2024. The technology is underpinned by Gen 2 Platform which is highly compatible with both ICE and EV powertrains.

Key Specifications of TATA Curvv

Engine: 1198 CC
Transmission- Manual
No of cylinders- 4
Fuel Type: Petrol


With the above TATA Sedan car list, you can finalize the best sedan according to your requirements. In this day and age, whether you are looking for a sedan or hatchback or Complete SUV TATA family has everything that you require. Moreover, in the upcoming, the TATA is expanding its portfolio adding TATA Nexon CNG, TATA Punch CNG, and TATA Altroz EV. With so many features at affordable prices, TATA gives you plenty of reasons to consider them over its rivals.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to TATA Sedan Cars

Which Tata car is best for off-road?

If we talk about off road cars from TATA then you must consider TATA

Which Tata car is 4×4?

The TATA Aria Pride 4X4 is the top variant and the car comes with innovative features.

Why Tata is not launching 4×4 cars?

Basically, TATA is not facing much demand for 4X4 cars.

Is the Tata Tigor good for off-roading?

Off-roading with TATA Tigor is a good idea since, the car comes with durability and tough built quality.


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