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Mahindra Thar. e Electric SUV Concept Explained

The new Thar. e is based INGLO platform

Mahindra Electric Automobile Limited (MEAL) , a venture of Mahindra and Mahindra, revealed the next step in the brand’s journey with Thar. e concept car. The car was displayed at Mahindra’s Futurescape event in Cape Town, South Africa. 

At the unveiling, Veejay Nakra, President of- the Automotive Sector, Mahindra and Mahindra Limited said, “Thar. e is a test of innovation and dominating With Thar. e. We are now aligning the global movement with people and our main focus is to make the planet greener and healthier.  

“Vision Thar. e is actually a test of innovation and pioneering the electric vehicle industry with Mahindra and a distinctively global image. With Thar. e we are aligning the global movement towards responsible consumption and our main focus on sustainable materials resonates with the broader shift towards products that contributes to the sustainable development”

On design and development, the chief design officer, Pratap Bose, Mahindra, and Mahindra Private Limited, “Creating Vision Thar. e is all about a future that’s bold and innovative. Our design paves the way, standing as a testament to Mahindra’s brand value. have maintained the off-roading experience that Thar provides but we have crafted a unique identity in the world of Electric SUVs. Thar. e is our declaration of a promising future and comfort”

The car comes with sharp geometric panels which makes it futuristic and off-road friendly. The SUV features large off-road wheels and short overhangs, a large wheel well, and a five-door body. This cabin has been developed to feature a minimalist yet functional purpose with grab handles and a neatly placed display that can be rotated and a clean layout. 

Are you guys excited for Thar.e.?



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