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Difference Between SUV and Sedan

Cars are known for the comfort they provide to the travelers in terms of seating, air condition, protection from all kinds of environmental conditions like rain, heat, dust etc. Cars are divided into various models based on body characteristics like the weight of the car, the capacity of engine etc. Out of all the models the car lovers and enthusiasts are well familiar with SUV and Sedan. And the experts at CROX Times have described the difference between both segments on various bases.


The Sedan is the most common body of design of cars. The car features three separate compartments for the passengers, cargo and engine. The passenger compartment consists of a row of seats with a cargo compartment located at the rear and right at the engine in front. There are several names given to sedans such as Notchback, Fastback, Two Door, Hatchback, Hardtop and Chauffeured.

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A Sport Utility Vehicle or SUV on the other hand is a vehicle designed like a station wagon however, with a chassis of light weight truck. This may or may not allow you use four-wheel drive on city roads or on off-roads.

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Difference Between SUV and Sedan

ParametersSedan SUV
Seating CapacitySedans are typically 4 or 5 seaters and are known as family cars These are normally 5-to-7-seater. 
CompartmentsSedan Features three separate compartments for the passenger, cargo and engine. SUVs have an engine compartment passenger and cargo compartment with three row of seats
Ground Clearence Sedan has low ground clearance and usually are four doors but there are some models with two doors.  SUVs have four wheels and four doors but have generally high ground clearance and high centre of gravity.  
Fuel ConsumptionIn terms of space, sedan is smaller and it is more fuel efficient. SUV are bigger in size and consumes more fuel. 
SuspensionSedans generally have softer suspensions as compared to SUVs. These are designed for comfort. SUVs are designed to handle rugged terrain thus, having stiff suspension and are designed specifically for capability. 
Ride QualitySedans offers quality rides on the highways and city roads. These are best for off-roading. 
ParkingThese are easy to park because of its compact size and shapeThese require space as the body design and structure is bigger than the normal cars. 

SUV vs Sedan: Price

SUVs generally tend to have a higher cost compared to sedans. This is due to their larger size, increased passenger capacity, and often more advanced features. Sedans, being smaller and with fewer bells and whistles, usually come at a lower starting price point.

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SUV vs Sedan: Dimensions

SUVs: Exteriors

SUVs are known for their larger size and imposing presence on the road. They come in various sizes, from compact to full-size. Generally, SUVs have greater length, width, and height compared to sedans. The increased exterior dimensions contribute to their spacious interiors and higher ground clearance, making them ideal for off-road adventures and accommodating larger groups of passengers.

Sedans: Exteriors

Sedans are characterized by their sleek and streamlined design. They have more compact exterior dimensions, making them easier to maneuver and park in urban environments. Sedans are typically shorter and lower than SUVs, which can be advantageous for those who prioritize city driving and efficiency.

SUVs: Interiors

The larger exterior dimensions of SUVs translate to more interior space. SUVs often feature three rows of seating, accommodating more passengers comfortably. The ample cargo space in SUVs, especially when the rear seats are folded down, makes them suitable for transporting bulky items and luggage.

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Sedans: Interiors

Sedans, while having a more limited interior space compared to SUVs, are designed to optimize passenger comfort within a smaller footprint. They usually offer seating for up to five passengers, with a focus on comfort and style in the cabin. Sedans may have smaller trunks but are still suitable for everyday commuting and travel.
SUVs: Ground Clearance

SUVs typically have a higher ground clearance, which provides better visibility on the road and allows them to navigate rough terrains and obstacles more effectively. This feature is beneficial for drivers who need to traverse uneven surfaces or snowy roads.

Sedans: Ground Clearance

Sedans have lower ground clearance, contributing to a smoother and more stable on-road experience. While they might struggle on challenging terrains, they excel in city driving and highway cruising.

SUVs: Maneuverability

Due to their larger size, SUVs can be less maneuverable in tight spaces and crowded city streets. Parking can be more challenging, particularly in compact parking spots.

Sedans: Maneuverability

Sedans are easier to maneuver and park, thanks to their smaller dimensions. They are well-suited for urban environments where navigating through traffic and finding parking is a common concern.

SUV vs Sedan: Mileage

When considering the mileage of SUVs and sedans, it’s essential to weigh factors beyond the traditional fuel efficiency figures. SUVs tend to have slightly lower mileage compared to sedans due to their larger size and heavier weight, resulting in higher fuel consumption. This is primarily because SUVs often come with more powerful engines, all-wheel drive, and a focus on versatility rather than outright fuel economy.

Sedans, known for their streamlined design and lighter weight, typically offer better mileage. Their aerodynamic shape and efficient engines contribute to reduced fuel consumption, making them an excellent choice for drivers seeking optimal fuel efficiency.

However, the mileage comparison goes beyond numbers. SUVs might have lower mileage, but they often compensate with enhanced towing capacity, off-road capabilities, and spacious interiors that cater to larger families or those with a need for cargo space.

On the other hand, sedans prioritize urban maneuverability and comfortable commuting, excelling in stop-and-go traffic and providing better handling on smooth roads. Their better mileage not only saves on fuel costs but also aligns with a more eco-conscious driving approach.

Ultimately, the decision between SUVs and sedans should hinge on your driving needs. If mileage is a primary concern, sedans might be your go-to choose. However, if you need the extra space, utility, and don’t mind slightly lower mileage, an SUV might be the perfect fit. It’s about finding the balance that suits your lifestyle while considering the broader picture of performance, versatility, and efficiency.

SUV vs Sedan: Safety

When comparing SUVs and sedans in terms of safety, several factors come into play. SUVs, with their larger and heavier frames, often provide a sense of security due to their elevated driving position and robust build. This can result in better visibility on the road and a feeling of being more in control. Additionally, SUVs tend to perform well in collisions with smaller vehicles.

On the other hand, sedans are generally lower to the ground, which can contribute to better handling and stability, reducing the risk of rollovers. Their compact size can also be advantageous for navigating through traffic and tight spaces. Modern sedans are equipped with advanced safety features like airbags, anti-lock brakes, and electronic stability control, enhancing their safety profile.

It’s worth noting that both SUVs and sedans have made significant strides in safety technology. Many models offer features such as adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, automatic emergency braking, and blind-spot monitoring.
Ultimately, the choice between an SUV and a sedan should consider individual preferences, driving habits, and the specific safety features offered by the chosen model. Conducting thorough research and test-driving different options can help individuals make an informed decision based on their priorities and requirements.

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