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Common Reason Why International Transactions Fail via shopping on websites

While shopping from International Websites, it is quite common that Indian Debit or Credit Card fail during transactions. This could be due to multiple reasons such as cards not supporting international transactions, currency limitations, and many more. Issues like OTP verification, or authentication issues and any suspicious transaction can further complicate the process. 

By CROX Times Desk:  There are times when you want to purchase something from an international website for instance nutrition, or any gadget and you might face transaction problems. 

The biggest reason behind transaction failure is maybe your card doesn’t support international transactions. All the debit/credit cards don’t support international transactions. You need to check with the issuing authority whether they support international transactions or not. 

What do RBI Rules Say?

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in October 2021 came out with a special guideline about international payment websites and auto-debit rules while using Indian Credit or Debit cards. If an International Website is not compliant with the rules set by RBI, then it cannot recurring or standalone payments from Indian credit as well as debit cards. And if the transaction despite these rules, sometimes not even be the fault of the international website. 

OTP Failure and More 

Also, there would be times even when the International Website is not on RBI’s Exclusion List and following every Indian Payment Law and Regulation may still fail to accept payments from Indian credit and debit cards. In such cases, the reasons may vary from OTP problems to network and authentication issues. 

There can be another case where the payee bank finds the transaction suspicious and doesn’t allow the payment to go through. This may even happen in the cases where security protocol followed by the website you want to make the transaction is not foolproof.


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