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An unemployed Girl from Patna wrote a letter to Tejaswi Yadav Ahead of Valentine’s Day. Know the reason here

A girl from Patna wrote a letter to Tejaswi Yadav ahead of Valentine’s Day. She revealed that her one-sided love story is incomplete because she is unemployed. 

By Crox Media desk: Valentine’s Day is around the corner and soon or later you would see social media platforms and people sharing loved-up posts. Perhaps that could have triggered a young girl named Pinki who wrote a letter to Deputy CM Tejwasi Yadav where she addressed her issues. The Patna Girl talked about her one-sided love story and wrote how it will remain incomplete if she remained unemployed. 

The girl also revealed that she is in love with Tv daily soap opera screenwriter Banaras Wala Ishq Prabhat Bandhulya. She stated her unemployed status is the reason why she is single this valentine’s day. 

She wrote, “You know I am in great tension, You did love marriage, but there is a problem of unemployment in my marriage. I have had a one-sided affair with Prabhat Bandulya for over four years. In the age of having affairs, I am reading current affairs and General Knowledge so that I could get a job, but I am not getting one”

She added, “ Looking at the situation, this year Valentine’s day will pass too and I will be still single” On the other hand I am busy with my preparation and My father is busy with my wedding preparations”

 “I do get upset with all these things. With a lot of hope. I am writing this letter to you. Please help me to get a job otherwise Prabhat will get married to someone else. What would I do with love if I don’t get a job? Your voter and Writer Prabhat Bhandulya one-sided lover Pinky” She concluded the letter.

After this letter, Prabhat Bhandulya reacted to the post. See the reaction

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